Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wild and Woolie…

If you are a follower of ‘Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog’ then you know that Roxane designs and then generously GIVES AWAY lovely monthly projects…this year it is very sweet little pillows for every month of the year!  They are adorable!

I thought you might enjoy seeing Sandy and Glynis’ wee pillow projects…and yes they are dang, stinking CUTE!

Here are Sandy’s Pillows for May, January and December…


Told you…stinking cute!


Makes me want to get out my bins of wool…even on a HOT day!


And Glynis’ July pillow…gorgeous!


AND Glynis has finished her wool pumpkin mat…don’t you love how the orange tongues at the end just tie it all together like a pretty bow!


The pattern for this mat can be found in ‘Simply Vintage Quilts and Craft’ Number 8.  It’s called ‘Fall’s Bounty’ and it was designed by Lisa DeBee.


These pictures DO NOT do this mat justice!!


I bet Glynis can’t wait for Fall this year…


Thanks ladies for sharing this morning! 

Now let’s get on with our day…it’s another beauty here on the West Coast of Canada!!  How about you?…I hope that you have a wonderful day wherever you live…and happy stitching!~P


  1. So cute, those little pillows. And the wool pumpkin mat is gorgeous. Kind of makes me really want to get into wool big time. If I didn't have so many other projects (knitting a blanket, cross-stitching a pumpkin pillow, many full-size quilts, plus two, not one, but two small monthly repro club quilts) going right now, I would. I'm tired already thinking about it all. And then there's gardening.

  2. I love those pillows -- thanks for the link!

    Yes, we are having the best summer in recent memory here in Toronto. Sunny and not too hot!

  3. All those little creations are adorable, what a talented lady!

  4. I have been getting the designs, but never have the time to make them. Love the wool pumpkins, beautiful piece.


  5. Those are very cute--especially that Santa one.:)

  6. what lovely little pillows and the pumpkin mat is very nice too

  7. Cute pillows, thank you for the link, these are perfect size projects for my limited wool stash :)

  8. Cute pillows, thank you for the link, these are perfect size projects for my limited wool stash :)