Monday, July 7, 2014

Sew-A-Long Update…and a finish…!

We NOW have sixteen very talented quilters in our ‘Winter Solstice’ Quilt Sew A-Long!  Our little group is growing…

Kris B~no blog

Karen Walker~Laugh Yourself Into Stitches

Bev~44th Street Fabric

Seattle Judy~ No blog

Pattie N.~ no blog

Sandie~ Crazy About Quilting

Janna~ Tin Teepee/Log Cabin

Pam~The Queen Bee, Stitching Between the Lines Blog

Claire~no blog

Glynis~no blog

Sandy L.~no blog

Julie~no blog

Paulette~ Sweet P Quilting Blog

Maggey~ The Quilting Couple

Kathy S. –


This list is more for me rather than for you.  If I write it down on paper, I will lose it…but on the blog it is THERE! 

I made my Big Barn yesterday and LOVE IT!!  I used a small homespun plaid and it is perfect!  The little barn I am re-doing…I used a bigger check and the print over took the whole barn…Yup, it’s re-do time!  Time to call in the pro…Jack the Ripper!  Good thing he works for FREE or I would be a poor woman!  I can’t show you any pictures until the big reveal…SEW stay tuned!


I can’t let you leave without showing you something quilty…and I do have a finish…of sorts!  I have FINALLY finished stitching my ‘Midnight Harvet’ quilt by Primitive Gatherings!  It seems that I have been working on this quilt FOREVER but it’s just been in the evenings and at Heritage…for the last three months!  It is now ready for quilting!!  Yeah!!


Now if I was a GOOD blogger this quilt would be all pressed and pristine…but no!  I took it out of the plastic tote that has housed it for the last four months and threw it on the floor! 


SEW…there it is all rumpled and wrinkled…just like ME!  I’m just not taking a picture of that morning mess!  :oO


So the plan is to iron the wrinkles out, quilt it with loops and stars…sew on a binding…and use it for a tablecloth this fall!  Totally do-able!


Yup…I am almost looking forward to Fall…



Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I saw this pumpkin quilt on the Primitive Gatherings website last week, and I thought of you. And sure enough, here you've done it! It looks great, and it will be very cozy for fall. Congratulations!

  2. This quilt is so beautifull, il will be fantastic for next fall!

  3. Awesome fall quilt ! Congrats on a great finish !

  4. What a beautiful finish. ! Absolutely love it !

  5. You did such a beautiful job on your table topper. Your appliqué is wonderful! Good job!

  6. I was think how beautiful your quilt is and a question just came to mind ? I have not been appliquéing long with wool and was wondering ? If wool and cotton projects can be washed ? If you've ever tried that after a finish. Would love to know your experience with that ! Thanks ! Veronica

  7. Veronica asked the question on my mind! I also am new to appliquing with wool. The Winter Soltice quilt is my first cotton/wool quilt. Excited and nervous. Mostly excited!

  8. p.s.....Your pumpkin tablecloth/quilt is great! Beautiful applique.

  9. What a cute quilt, and it looks wonderful on your table. Would love to do something like this, but, unfortunately, my applique skills are nothing compared to yours.

  10. Oh I love that quilt!! You are a girl after my own heart! :-) I'm planning to play with my barn (LOL) this afternoon. ;-) Have a happy day!

  11. Congrats to you, Sweet P, it looks amazing!! Well done!!


  12. That is a fun quilt and it really does look nice on the table with the check board in the middle.


  13. Precioso, me gusta muchísimo, es realmente guapo

  14. Your Midnight Harvest is GORGEOUS! What a great finish!

  15. It's beautiful and looks gorgeous on your table! Paulette, just wondering- are you no longer on Bloglovin'? I don't receive any of your posts anymore.

  16. Love that pumpkin quilt; perfect on the table. I'm glad you put up the list. I'll click thru on the bloggers I don't know and get acquainted.

  17. I love your pumpkin quilt. Will you quilt over the applique, or round it?

  18. It's almost too pretty to use on a table! blessings, marlene

  19. Oh my word! Your prim harvest quilt is gorgeous. So vibrant. Love it!