Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This and That…

Very little has been happening around here that pertains to quilting…except for some handwork in the evenings…

Three blocks are finished of Summer Blooms by Primitive Gatherings…


It’s nice to have all the blocks prepped and ready to stitch for when that special moment happens…usually at the end of the day!


The wool pieces are so teeny that I am using a finer needle and ordinary threads…


It seems to be working well…the stitches can’t be seen except from the flash from the camera.


Tomorrow is our FIRST big reveal of our Winter Solstice Blocks for our July Sew-A-Long…We have a fair size group involved!   Stay tuned for our Show and Tell from the following quilters…

Kris B~no blog

Karen Walker~Laugh Yourself Into Stitches

Bev~44th Street Fabric

Seattle Judy~ No blog

Pattie N.~ no blog

Sandie~ Crazy About Quilting

Pam~The Queen Bee, Stitching Between the Lines Blog

Claire~no blog

Glynis~no blog

Sandy L.~no blog

Julie~no blog

Paulette~ Sweet P Quilting Blog

Maggey~ The Quilting Couple

Kathy S. --

Karleen- no blog

Think BARNS…big and small!!  Can’t wait to see them all!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Those are small but you are doing a beautiful job with them. I am in the mood to do some appliqué but have a lot of christmas ones that I want to do so thinking of doing the blocks for now while it is hot, then I can put them together when it cools down.


  2. Your blocks are looking great! Having them already to just pick up and work on them is so productive.

  3. I never thought to use a smaller needle and thinner thread! Thanks for the tip. Very cute blocks :)

  4. Looking good, How nice to sit and stitch in the evenings. It's still hot here and I have AC so I'm on my Machine Downstairs. I need a Hand work project...NOT!

  5. I love to look at your blocks progress, thank you!

  6. what lovely blocks, applique is on my to try list and seeing yours is so inspirational