Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank YOU to The Cottage at Cardiff Farms…

…or more importantly to Kathy and Taylor from Cardiff Farms!!  They were sweet enough to send me this wonderful book… “More Cottage Keepsakes”!  And let me tell you it is a KEEPER!!


This book is chock FULL of pincushions, sewing bags, scissor holders and wee pillows…perfect to make for gifts for yourself or others!

Let me show you a few of my favourites…which was hard to pick as they are ALL wonderful…I would show you the whole book if I could but you will have to be happy with these two pages!

OMGosh…just look at the ‘Wild Easter Hare’ pincushion…too adorable for words! And the ‘Z is for Zinnia’…love those stitches (which this book shows you how to make!)  And EVERY teacher NEEDS an ABC pillow/pincushion!  She just DOES!


The other page that I am FORCED to show you is the ‘Spring Sprouts’…LOVE THEM!!  The meandering leafy vine covered bag is for threads and needles and the little pouch is for your scissors!  VERY SWEET!  The French Market Pincushion really does look like it is from Paris…again the stitching is wonderful!


The ladies give you GREAT suggestions and little secrets for stuffing the wee pincushions so that it won’t be difficult or messy…sorry I do NOT kiss and tell!


The book came with this lovely Cottage at Cardiff Farms postcard…which has become my new and very classy bookmark! 

Last Winter I was fortunate enough to go to the ‘Country Loft Quilt Shop’ in La Mesa, CA and saw Cardiff Farms’ newest creation “The Barn Quilt”…jaw dropping gorgeous!!  The Loft was featuring it as a BOM to its customers…and I was told the pattern would be released in book form in 2015!  I say bring it on…I am SEW buying that book!!  I live out in the country…not on a farm but on a hill overlooking farms…(a rooster is crowing as I write this! And I can hear cows mooing…and sometimes I can smell..well you get the idea…I live close to farm country!)  I can see this beauty hanging in my house…can’t you?!  LOVE IT!


I also loved reading the ABOUT the AUTHORS page…I found out lots about Kathy and Taylor!  Did you know that they are a mother-daughter team who share a passion for art, design and family?  I didn’t know that!  I KNEW they were talented designers and could yield a mean needle…but mother and daughter?  Who knew!  I guess it’s because I met Kathy while at the Country Loft and she was just too young to have an ‘older’ daughter…I’m guessing Taylor to be in her early 20’s…Oh boy…I think I’ve dug myself in deep this time!!  What I’m trying to say is… that Kathy and Taylor make a DYNAMIC TEAM regardless of their relationship and age!  I think it’s wonderful when a daughter loves the craft as much as her mother and takes an active roll in it!  Kathy, you done good…regardless of your age!!  :0)

THANK YOU SEW MUCH for sending me this book!!  It really is a book about Keepsakes and Family!!  Perfect handmade gifts for family and friends to treasure…and even become precious heirlooms!

My readers should go and VISIT Kathy and Taylor over at The Cottage at Cardiff Farms…they love company…and you can see all of their patterns and books too!  Taylor is into photography so all of the pictures are professional quality and absolutely gorgeous!!  They also have a blog…which you can see HERE!  It’s a fun one to follow as they are always at Quilt Shows and of course you get to see all of their creations as they are being designed!  Love that! 

Well that was fun…but then it IS FUN Friday…Happy Stitching!~P

OMGosh!!  It’s August FIRST!!  Now HOW did THAT happen?  YIKES!!

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  1. the book sounds a great buy and yes the wall hanging is lovely, I prefer having a book to work from rather than BOM`s to do