Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Quilter’s Junk…

…is another Quilter’s Treasure!  Or so the saying goes…

Years and years ago Glynis had visions of making a Watercolour Quilt…where one flowery print bleeds into another!  She painstakingly collected the flower fabrics…and even cut out the blocks…into big blocks and little blocks…then put the blocks into a container and forgot about it!  Sounds familiar…?  Yup, a lot of us have done this!

A few months ago Glynis cleaned out her sewing room and came across this flowery fabric…realized that she no longer wanted to make a Watercolour Quilt and so brought the blocks to Heritage.  She offered the blocks to those quilters sitting at our table and WE all shook our heads so onto the Share Table it went!  (If any of the Heritage Quilters want to get rid of anything it goes onto the Share Table where it is fair game for anyone who would like to put a donation into the Charity Tin.)

Well along came Joan, who bought the flowery fabric…she took the blocks home and worked her magic!  Then she commissioned Hazel to quilt it.  Imagine our SHOCK when Hazel unfolded their masterpiece!!  Drop dead GORGEOUS!!IMG_1397

Joan kept the quilt simple and let the flowery fabric do all the talking!  Now I’m not a flowery kind of person but I LOVED*LOVED*LOVED this quilt!


And Hazel’s flowery butterflies and circle quilting was the icing on the cake!!


If I felt sick seeing what I COULD have made, IMAGINE how Glynis was feeling…she also LOVED this quilt!!


It just takes someone else’s vision to create something that no one else could see!!  Way to go Joan!


Seriously my pictures do not do this quilt justice!


With the shimmer of green throughout and the pops of colour here and there, it really DID look like a garden! 


Oh…and the back…Joan used some left over blocks to create a whole new look!  Stunning!



Can you guess who is starting to collect flowery fabrics?  Who knew…?

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I think you have to love the fabric to create something beautiful with it. We all have different tastes and she really made a beautiful quilt with it.


  2. Wow....Joan sure did a beautiful job with those squares....she sure had a vision.....unfortunately my mind doesn't work that way.....

  3. I guess I'll be holding onto those dubious fabrics a little longer, lol!

  4. This quilt is gorgeous, P. I was never very interested in those watercolour quilts. Couldn't seem to get the hang of putting all those florals together in a pleasing manner. But with a little creative vision, what a beautiful quilt Joan has made.

  5. I made Bonnie Hunter's floribunda quilt which is a Jacob's ladder block where the background is florals and the ladder is a solid, she used yellow and Iused greens and it turned out wonderfully. I was able to use up florals that had gotten in my stash with no hopes of ever getting used by me.

  6. What a lovely quilt! I have some charm squares I need to make into something, and I really like the layout of this one. I may have to do something similar! :0)

  7. Hi!!! It is a beauty!!!! Hmmm maybe I better take a closer look at some of my fabrics!!!!

  8. Lovely tale of a beautiful flower garden quilt!

  9. What a beautiful quilt. It really is amazing how one person's rubbish is another's treasure.

  10. I love that quilt. It really does look like a garden. Love the borders that way too. The quilting is fabulous! The back is pretty too. Awesome!

  11. Beautiful flowery fabrics. Love the borders and the quilting is amazing.