Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We’re HERE!!

I thought we’d drop in on P2 today!  Remember she is the other Paulette who loves wool and everything ‘prim-traditional with a little bit country’!  Sure hope she has the coffee on…

Ohhh, man, who cares about coffee!  Just look at this setting…don’t you just want to sit down and drink it ALL in!!  Such lovely quilts…and love the milk jugs and Mother’s Day roses!!  Picture perfect!!


Here is P2 latest creation…Thimbleberry fabric with a splash of wool!!  Yum!  What a gorgeous display!


And here it is under a lamp…LOVE this lamp!  Sew unusual and unique!


P2 got the pattern for this mat from this book…and look she is a cover girl!


P2 wanted to show you her NEXT project…she  was leafing through this Kim Diehl book…(OH MAN…look at the quilt under this book…I wish I could MOVE this book…lovely goodness here!)…but back to the book…(focus…focus…focus…)


This caught her eye…hooks on a ladder…with amazing quilts hanging…


Well P2 just happens to own this old bedframe (from her childhood!!)…PERFECT for this project…just cut off the legs, paint and put hooks on…and presto Quilt Hanger!!  Is that not clever!!


Now we are ALL on the hunt for a wooden headboard…may the best quilter prevail!! :)

I predict a follow-up post…you know with lots of BEFORE and AFTER pictures of P2’s finished project…with maybe a few other pictures tossed in of that gorgeous quilt…you know…the one that is under the Kim Diehl book!!  That P2 is such a tease!!

Thanks for the tour P2…always a pleasure…and like usual, you have left us wanting MORE…much MORE!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!~P1


  1. We had a big pine headboard and sold it, what a dummy, lol. Love the little piece with the wool, I like making mini quilts and adding an applique or wool one, fun projects to use up your scraps.


  2. WOW! I have a headboard like that in my basement. I was going to put it in our garage sale. Guess what I am going to do. First I have to find a place to hang it.
    Thanks for the idea P2 and thanks for sharing it Sweet P. ( You do know that my given name is also Paulette.)

  3. Thanks for sharing P2's pics! Gorgeous, gorgeous projects! Love the decorating, the quilts ( especially the one under the Kim Diehl book) , and the lamp is so cute. Creative idea for a quilt hanger. Looking forward to a follow up.

  4. What an absolutely fabulous idea!!!! I am going to steal that one! If it's ok!! I just love it! Sure wish you lived closer to me because I think we have so much in common and we could get into a lot of trouble together!!!