Saturday, May 31, 2014


Thanks SEW MUCH to those readers who left positive encouraging comments yesterday…cheering me on with my FMQ and a machine that was NOT cooperating!!  It helped…a lot!  PFanny (the PFAFF) pulled herself together and started to preform like she should!  Hallelujah!

So Betty’s charity quilt is done…the FMQ is not great but I can guarantee that the quilt will NOT fall apart after hundreds of washing…which is what we want in a baby’s quilt!  Thanks goodness Betty’s quilt is so dang cute…(Betty ALWAYS does a wonderful job!!)


I did an all over loops, hearts and daisy FMQ design…


Now onto Glynis’ charity quilt…which she put together using the leftover fabrics from her Red Brolly quilt…which you can see HERE!  (It’s worth going for a peek…gorgeous quilt!!)


SEW…hopefully I can get this one loaded and PFinished…with PFanny PFunctioning as she should…YES, I will promise her no more ‘Pf words’ being said under my breath…you know… words like PFrustrating and PFickle, PFinicky and PFlighty…sprinkled with threats of PFlogging!  Yes, I am no PFool…she understands…I may be the PForeman but she is the boss!  SEW bring on the oil…lots of oil…maybe a new needle and thread…?  Just so long as my PFantastic PFanny keeps PFunctioning!

Have a PFantastic Saturday…and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Good morning! I am so glad that your PF started to work. I know how frustrating it can be to have a PF that is acting up. I use the Creative Vision and an older 2140. I do love them, but just sometimes you could scream! ;-) Have a great Saturday.

  2. You are just to Pfunny!
    Have a great day and I do hope that you have another great day quilting.

  3. glad to hear the sweet talkin is back, LOL

  4. Sounds like you sweet talked her back into business.:)

  5. I always love 'Jewel Box' designs - it doesn't matter if they are one colour or scrappy - the magic of those four triangles meeting to give that 3D diamond gets me every time - I'm currently working on a very subtle version in soft greys and white and loving it

  6. Glad she straightened out for ya!

  7. good to read Fanny got her act together and certainly did a very good job of the quilting

  8. PFantastic! I'm so glad she is behaving again now.