Monday, May 5, 2014

Bathroom Break…

I’m interrupting the Victoria Quilt Show for a bathroom break! 

I thought you’d like to see what has kept me out of the sewing room and into the bathroom for the last week or so…

Please disregard the arm around the door (;o) as it’s tough taking a photo when you have two walls of mirror and you don’t want to be in the pictures!!

It’s hard to make an old bathroom look new again…but we put up new lighting…new colours…new towel rack and curtains and knobs…a couple of new shelves…but the rest remains old…


The cabinets were painted with three coats of Annie Sloans Old Ochre Chalk Paint and then two coats of clear wax and a final coat of half and half clear and dark wax.  LOVE THEM!!  The walls are painted with Rona “Natural Spring Water”…not blue but not green either…a definite mix of the two colours and it depends on the lighting to see blue or green!

Hubby built two shelves to go in this opening in the cabinets.  It was meant for a chair but I had a huge wicker basket here to hold toilet paper!  This is a much better use of the space!  The towels are mocha colour…NOT pink!  (I need to buy some blue/green towels for here to give it a punch of colour).


Old fashion glass knobs on the cabinets….



Other area of bathroom…with more mocha (not pink) and blue towels and my old bottle collection. 


The colours of the shower curtain appear whiter than in real life.


I have been collecting bottles for awhile…I love the old ones with bubbles and flaws…


Here’s my 25 cent wire rack (bought at the Palm Spring’s Flea Market) and it’s been put to good use!! 


Another Thrift Shop find…


Yowzers…there’s me in my Sunday sweats!!


I put everything that I use daily in that little white glass tray…easy to get at…I can put it on the counter, then when I am finished I can slip it back onto the shelf!  Keeping everything tidy!


And a final look at the cupboards…I DO LOVE them!!


So my bathroom is still old but it’s now much fresher and brighter…and it was so worth the week…or so…of mess!

Hope you enjoyed your bathroom break!!  Now on with the Victoria Quilt Show…tomorrow!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Absolutely the color....and all your flee market finds....the cabinets look very nice I like how you painted them and the shelves hubby did what a great idea and a much better use of the space.......

  2. It really looks wonderful, just the right touches and the mirror helps to make the bathroom look larger.


  3. And my friends thought I was crazy for taking a bathroom picture at one of the fabric stores we visited in Lancaster(pic in a previous post)! It is how we know which store we are going to...'you know, the one with the nice bathroom'...D.G. L

  4. It is all fresh and beautiful, love your repurposed wire rack. Your cabinets turned out amazing, I love all the thoughtful details. Enjoy!

  5. All those coats on the cabinets! No wonder you were tired of painting. Love the color, so fresh. Is this true? There is no quilt in this bathroom?

  6. Beautiful! You have inspired me

  7. Beautiful....that's what ours needs also. You've given me that urge! ;)

  8. Your bathroom re-do is absolutely lovely! Nice work!!

  9. You did a terrific job. Re-doing anything is soooo much work, but such a good feeling when it is done. I can just imagine you doing a happy happy dance and patting yourself on the back. You should because you deserve it!!

  10. Well, done, since you have so much experience want to come and do mine--lol!

  11. Your new bathroom looks so inviting and cozy. Love the colours.

  12. I am so jealous! Just beautiful, especially the cabinets. Would love to give my bathroom a redo.:)

  13. You are too funny. Quack me up. Bathroom break. You have a lovely bathroom. Great decorations. I think you could be a professional interior designer.


  14. I love the chalk paint but geez that's a lot of steps! Nice job Paulette!

  15. amazing how a fresh coat of paint can cheer things up. I love the open shelves and baskets.

  16. I'm jealous of how big your bathroom is - I have two bathrooms but both are tiny. :( blessings, marlene