Thursday, May 1, 2014

Houses, Houses, Houses…

While returning home this Spring I stumbled onto this book, “Houses, Houses, Houses” by Yoko Saito! 

Man, I love Yoko’s work and in this book I think I found her finest work!  Don’t let the cover fool you…it’s not about play houses, although they are sweet….

IMG_0861 warned there are incredible patterns in this book!  Check it out…

You will find elaborate house quilts…even more elaborate than this one!


And another house quilt…maybe slightly more simplified…but yowzers… look at that fence!!  This is the version that Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop is using in their BOM…where the houses are made of wool!  We are talking STUNNING quilt…absolutely incredible!  Japanese Daiwabo fabrics are used as the background and rich wool for the applique…Make sure you are sitting down when you see how much each monthly BOM will cost you (plus shipping)…and make sure you add up each month to see the final cost!  It ain’t pretty…BUT when you are finished, you WILL have an heirloom quilt…a unique and gorgeous heirloom quilt!  A quilt the kids’ will be fight over…(haha)


There are also smaller projects in this book….


Like these place mats…but seriously would you REALLY use them as place mats?  OUCH!  Just seeing that mug on that lovely mat makes me wince!  It’s just WRONG!!


And look at this basket…WOW!!  A work of ART!


I could look at this book all day long…such eye candy!!  Such workmanship!!  Such inspiration! 


The sun is shining and the weatherman SAID our temperature was going to be up in the low 20Cs so I better get outside and WEED!  While I weed I’ll be thinking of houses…rows and rows of houses!!  It’s SEW nice to day-dream…while you work?!  (Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs had the right idea…

“Just whistle while you work
(humming.. whistling)
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place
So hum a merry tune (humming)
It won't take long when there's a song to help you get back to PLAY…SEW…!!”)

Pucker up…and whistle…:o}

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy Quilting!~P


  1. What beautiful houses. Reading your blog always cost me money. We definitely have the same tastes.

  2. I have one of her books and love the dog quilt but it is hard to figure out what part is pattern since they all over lap, that is the part I hate. Love how the quilts look with the fabrics and i have been collecting them.


  3. I have had this book on my Amazon wish list for quite a while now and seeing that basket just might push me to get it birthday is next month that seems reason enough ya think?

  4. I dream about house quilts - those are some of the most gorgeous! I'll watch you make one Paulette.

  5. Isn't Yoko amazing? I've seen some of her quilts in person and they are stunning! Enjoy your sunshine. We have the same weather here and it's just glorious.

  6. Those are neat-O, Paulette. I can do math real quick when I read/see the BOM kits in the catalogs that come to my house. Even a 10 month long one would set you back a fine bit of $$$. Just buying a couple yards is Highway Robbery lately!

  7. Hi Sweet P, I know you enjoy quilt news. Please take a look at thequiltedpineapple blog. Great surprise for her! Debby

  8. From your title I was assuming you were going to talk about all the remodel work going on in your house! :) Those houses are stunning but I don't think I have the patience for that much detail.