Friday, May 9, 2014

Sending some HEXIE LOVE!!

Yesterday I had a Mother’s Day gift arrive a wee bit early…Mother’s Day is on Sunday…but hey…EARLY is good!!  Did I leave it unopened till Sunday?  Heck NO!  I ripped into that package with gusto!

Quilting Daughter (aka…Basting Beauty) has been up to her old tricks…creating something functional, quilty and dang SWEET!

Check it out!  Yup…it’s Hexies at their cutest…


Told you mega SWEET…


I like…a lot!


Now…let me show you these hexies ALL together…SURPRISE! 


It’s a hexagon CLOCK!! 


I could tell from the colours in the clock that Erin made it for the sewing room but it was just TOO cute to go in there…so I auditioned it in the kitchen first…


I changed the plate to more appropriate colours…to match the clock…


But it was crying for my sewing room!  And I think I have the PERFECT spot…


Right beside my PLAY sign….


Have you noticed that the shape of the clock has changed three times?  Erin said the joy of this clock is that you can change the hexies and make the clock any shape you want it to be…on the back they snap together like puzzle pieces!IMG_1093

SEW how did Basting Beauty make it??  Well you are going to have to READ all about it over at her blog!!  I’m sure that she is dying to tell you…but it probably won’t be until next week…but trust me it will be worth the wait!

So THANK YOU Basting Beauty…this mama LOVES her new clock!! And  I think the new clock is thrilled with it’s new home!! 

I tell ya’ there’s nothing like a little Hexie Love!!xx  Looks like I have TIME to PLAY!!

Have a FUN Friday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Now that's very cute....I'm heading over to her blog and see how it was done....what a wonderful Mother's Day Gift......

  2. Such a special and thoughtful gift and a lovely addition to your cute sewing room! I love hexies, too. Have a great Mother's Day!

  3. She is not only a wonderful quilter but a creative artist as well, what a wonderful gift and it does look fun next to the play.


  4. How cool is that?!! I'll be keeping my eye out for her instructions. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Now that is something new in the mix. Never would have thought of turning hexies into a clock. Did your daughter show an interest in sewing when she was younger? Mine never did.

  6. Love it, definitely will have to do this one !!

  7. How thoughtful of your daughter. Looks great by your quilts ! Happy Mothers Day!

  8. felicidades por esa hija !!!!
    me gusta ver que las jóvenes cosen, hay quien piensa que el coser se acaba
    esto demuestra que no es así
    feliz día de la madre

  9. Happy Mother's day
    The clock idea is SEW special. I always am looking for ideas to use hexis and this one is amazing.

  10. Clock is too cute..............

  11. what a great way to use the hexies, it certainly looks very much at home on your wall.

  12. What a great gift from your quilty daughter. I'm looking forward to reading how she did it.

  13. That is one cool clock! And so are your kitchen and sewing rooms. And I must say, one cool daughter to come up with that clock. Oh, well, I'll just go all the way and say it --cool daughter has a cool mother. So there!