Friday, May 30, 2014

PFanny Friday…

My quilt tops needing to be quilted are piling up…two charity quilts have been added to the already huge pile!  It’s NOW or never!

I just KNEW PFanny (my Pffaf 1200 midarm quilting machine) would be moody, cranky and troublesome…I JUST KNEW IT!!  She has sat and sulked all Winter(and Spring!)…PFanny knew we were off basking in the warm Californian sun while she was sitting at home sulking!

Yes, I knew PFanny would be a handful so when I FINALLY fired her up to do Betty’s latest charity quilt, I wasn’t surprised that she only went about twelve inches before she started skipping stitches and breaking thread!  NOOOOOoooooo….


I have done the usual…changed needles (three times), oiled her (maybe she was REALLY thirsty?), levelled her (she is dead on!), threaded and rethread…and did it again and again and again…, then changed thread…and bobbins!  She was mad…really mad!!  She has been uncooperative for TWO long days now…


Last night I took her apart and dusted every nook and cranny…and YES I did find some bunnies living where bunnies shouldn’t be!!  Fingers are crossed that my PFanny will purr today…and if not…well let’s just say more BLUE words are going to fly!

My PFanny can be such a pain in the…fanny! 

Have a Fun Friday…and happy Stitching!~P:o}}


  1. Sorry your machine is giving you such a hard time...I hate days like that as they are discouraging. Hope today goes better.

  2. My fingers are crossed...the quilt is so beautiful waiting for Ms. PFanny!

  3. Feeling your pain! My Pfaff knows better than to pull that trick with me! I wish.

  4. Good luck! Your machine sounds a bit like a moody woman lately.:)

  5. Maybe she knew you thought she was made at you and acted out!

    Put on a happy face and maybe so will she!

    Good luck today.

  6. Good luck...ours needs the same thread for the top and bobbin or it messes up.

  7. I hope you can get her running smoothly, pfaffs can be so finicky, just a little dust can throw everything off.


  8. My Juki sometimes does the same thing...I've started using Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers...they seem to help.

  9. I can never get my thread balanced, but that isn't the frustrating part though. The thing that really gets me is when my husband walks in and fixes it. Darn engineers, they think they know everything!

  10. what a pain do hope she is behaving today, she is rather like a sulky teenager!

  11. What a pain. I do know the feeling, so can sympathise. Just one thought - are you using a different wadding on this quilt. That can really make Big Bertha throw a tantrum, so I just wondered. She also hates batiks, but it doesn't look as though your quilt has any of those. Another thought. Have you disassembled the tension thread guide thingy? I have found dust gets in there and can cause chaos.

    On the other hand, she might have just got out of bed on the wrong side yesterday, and be as happy as a happy thing today.

  12. That machine is just being down right stubborn!

  13. I know exactly the frustration you feel. After I discover the magic formula to get Juki back to humming along, I feel such relief. You will too.

  14. We have the exact same machine!!! And mine too, acted up yesterday. I had to un stitch 2 rows before I noticed it. It looked fine, but when you felt it, you could feel the tension wasn't right and when you pulled on the string, it all came out. 😞
    I haven't turned mine back on yet to work with her..
    Good luck!

  15. Could your quilt sandwich be tensioned too tight on the frame?
    This is a wonderful group to join, I have learned so much about frame quilting-