Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Fired Up…

It doesn’t take much to get me fired up…especially on a grey Tuesday morning!  My friend Claire knows how to push my buttons…she sent me this picture of Piece of Works’ newest patterns!  Yowzers!  I love it!!

wintersampler (1)

If this gets you FIRED UP then you NEED to go HERE to get an up close and personal LOOK at these blocks!

NOW…let me put this thought into your head…picture little touches of wool here and there to add a little bit of colour, spark and texture to this quilt!  Huh..huh…see where I’m going with this?  Now we are talking!!  Are YOU fired up yet?

OK…let’s talk dollars and cents….‘Winter Sampler’ is made up of thirty one blocks and the cost of the pattern is $22…I hate to say it but this is a bargain!  Be thankful that Piece of Work Designs isn’t treating this as a BOM or it would be $10 a block for a total cost of $310…yes, other designers DO this…and we ENCOURAGE them to do this by buying their BOMs!!  (This is another blog topic for another day…haha…and YES this also gets me Fired Up!!)

SEW hop on over to Piece of Work Designs for a better look!  But be warned you may get Fired Up!!  She is a beauty!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for popping in…happy stitching!~P


  1. Well, no wonder your fired up, this is a stunner! I think I have to have that pattern! I'm off to shop! ;-)

  2. I do love it and I love all the different designs, you could use them by themselves too. I want to finish my quilting but it is so humid today so need something that is not so heavy on my lap.


  3. Yes, I see where you are going with this. Go for IT!!! The extra touches will add so much to the stitchery.
    I get fired up when I do the calculation on BOM's too.

  4. OMGosh......here we go again.....I going to buy this pattern it is so beautiful......your blog is costing me money again....LOL

  5. Oh and by the way I agree with you about BOM.......that's why this winter sampler is such a good deal......

  6. what a lovely pattern and so many more that look so good too, look forward to seeing your project complete, I will look lovely when you hang it up every christmas

  7. So how soon are you starting the embroidery for this quilt. Christmas is just around the corner!