Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Special GIFT…

This has the been the Birthday that keeps right on ticking!  Yesterday I received yet another gift…this time from my friend Claire!  (Claire lives an hours drive away and we weren’t able to get together around my birthday…so yesterday was the day!!)  Lucky ME!!

I almost fell over when I pulled this gorgeous pillow out of the gift bag!!  It’s all hand stitched…sheer perfection…BEAUTIFUL!  The sweetest pattern…EVER!  It’s a Norma Whaley pattern from Timeless Traditions called ‘Springs Arrival’!  Man, that woman is talented!


Claire said the three little birds represent my three daughters…Ahhhhh!  How special is that!


Yup, that’s mama bird…but never mind ME…just look at those wee stitches!  This is the Master at work…


As if the pillow wasn’t more than enough, Claire gave me this beautiful green scarf and P2 Green Valdani Thread…which got a chuckle from everyone!  Of course it should say P1 but hey, I’ll take it!  Hands off P2!!

Claire asked if I saw the pillow over at Norma’s blog…I had not!!  I guess Norma asked readers to send in pictures of projects that they had made using her patterns.  Claire sent in a picture of the pillow and Norma posted the pictures on the day of my birthday!  My house was full of company and I had no time for blogging or blog surfing…Claire’s secret was safe! haha  You can read about it HERE!!


I really should be modelling this scarf…but then I’d have to change out of my PJs…I’d have to wash my hair and have a shower and then put on make-up…find a nice outfit…geeze just too much work and besides you can’t wait THAT long!  But let me tell you, I look dynamite with this scarf on…extremely youthful!! :o))

THANK YOU, CLAIRE!!  You spoiled me rotten…AND I LOVED IT! 

YOU have a super Saturday!  I hope you get a chance to carve out a little time for yourself…doing something that you LOVE!!~P


  1. About the pillow. O.M.G. That is amazing. I really can't afford to read your blog any more. Just received a pattern in the mail yesterday that you tempted us with last week. :-)

  2. Very cute pillow and what is the deal? You are not going to model for us? :-) Well, I guess all of your excuses are valid. We are impatient at times. I am sure it looks lovely on you. Sure loved your quilt top from Friday. What a fun project. Have a happy Saturday! K-

  3. What a sweet sweet gift! Love the 3 babies that represent your babies.

    ALL of the rest of us have been in our clothes with nice hair and makeup for hours, I'm SURE! ha!

  4. I saw that pillow, but didn't realize it was for you. How lucky you are to have such a talented friend as Claire. Her stitches are beautiful. Love the green scarf, a great spring green. Off to the Victoria Quilter's Guild show. Hoping to find a few Civil War repro fat quarters.

  5. Beautiful gift! This cushion is really nice!

  6. Lucky you! That pillow is very sweet and perfect for a Spring birthday girl like you.

    A friend and I have yet to exchange not only our February birthday gifts but also our ?Christmas ones...livpfe gets I the way sometimes, but something to look forward to.

  7. Happy b'day sweet p! You got a truly wonderful woolie gift! Love the pillow ~ so cute!


  8. That is a beautiful pillow and such a wonderful surprise from Claire.


  9. Love the pillow! Such a special gift from your friend! Norma Whaley's patterns are so lovely.

  10. Claire's work is always incredible.

    Belated birthay wishes!

  11. belated birthday wishes, such a lovely cushion and what a lovely colour the scarf is

  12. Birthday wishes from me too. Looks like you got some great gifts. That pillow is so sweet. Have a grat Sunday .. Hugs Maggey

  13. The wool applique pillow is so "you". Norma Whaley has some wonderful designs. And it looks like a really good one coming up after spring market is over. I'd say Claire chose well in her birthday gift making for you.