Friday, May 16, 2014

Bowled Over!

Carol bowled us over with her tutorial on how to make this microwave Bowl Potholder!  IMG_1041

I’m not sure what to call it BUT you place your bowl of soup in the middle of the holder, use the flaps to carry it to the microwave, place it inside, nuke as desired and then use the flaps to retrieve it.  If the soup boils over there will be no mess in the microwave and no burned fingers!  When you have finished eating (and if you slopped) you just throw the holder into the wash!

Here’s how to make one…

1. Take TWO 10” squares of coordinating fabric and two squares of COTTON batting.  (use ONLY Cotton) 



2.  Place the batting on the back of each of the squares of fabric and stitch an X from corner to corner on each. 


3.  Draw the darts on the batting side.  Find the middle of each side and draw your 3” wide by 3” long darts and stitch.



Trim darts and press open. 


4,  Sandwich the right sides together and match up the points.  Stitch all around using 1/4” seam allowance.  Leave a 3” opening to turn to the right side.  Clip corners before turning and trim as much of the batting as possible.


Now turn to the right side and use something pointy to get those tabs to stick out.  Press.


5.  Slip stitch the opening and topstitch all around.


Done!!  Carol made a bigger version to hold a casserole dish!  Brilliant!IMG_1040

Wouldn’t this make the perfect Christmas gift?!


Thanks, Carol!!  Great Toot!!


Did I just say CHRISTMAS?!!  Yikes, it will be here before we know it!  Better get stitching!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I was given a small one last Christmas, I wondered how it was made. Thanks for the tutorial.


  2. Nice idea and looks easy enough to make.


  3. these are adorable!! I am bookmarking this for our sewing group next fall....thank you!!

  4. Thanks for the tute! This would be perfect for my Dad who now lives alone and I worry about him and his safety. Great idea!

  5. this looks a bit of fun and useful at the same time. More hours in the day please