Tuesday, October 30, 2012

UFO Busting Report~

Progress on the UFO Busting noted!! 

The Bow Tie Table Topper is finally together…and look VERY sweet!  Where to go from here??  Borders…no borders?  Decisions to be made!


  This was from a Challenge with Bonnie Hunter…you can see her monster Bow Tie Quilt HERE!  How in the world does this quilter do it all?  If you read Bonnie’s Blog then you know how she travels the countryside giving workshops…sometimes around the world!  She writes books and then in the meantime bangs off these magnificent scrap quilts!  Right now her and her hubby are renovating her basement sewing room while she keeps on sewing and giving podcast sewing evenings!  She makes me tired just reading her blog…but it’s a good tired! :o)))

Thank goodness because my evenings have been spent hand quilting this Wee Basket Quilt…and I’m happy to report that ALL 162 Basket Blocks are DONE!! 


I just have to quilt the borders and put the binding on and another UFO will be busted!  (Insert a happy dance here!)


This quilt is backed by the softest Moda flannel and is super cuddly…so I think I’m actually going to miss stitching on this one! :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilt Busting! ~ P


  1. I know what you mean about Bonnie..I read her blog and get tired!!
    I dont usually like basket quilts...but I really love this one...they are so cute!!

  2. I am doing a happy dance right along with you! Love your baskets! Your quilting is so well done...a masterpiece to be sure. Now for the bowties...I have peeked in on Bonnie's and am so ready to get my scraps ready. Love yours!

  3. The bow toes and the baskets are fabulous. I'll bet that flannel makes for a super soft and comfortable quilt too.

  4. Love your wee basket quilt. What an accomplishment.

  5. Forget everyone else! How do YOU get so much done? I love your basket quilt!

    Cheery wave!


  6. You are the amazing quilter!! Faster then a speeding bullet!!
    I love both quilts!

  7. Love the colors and hand quilting in your basket quilt. Isn't hand quilting relaxing to the mind and spirit.

    thanks for sharing

  8. Love love love your bowties---and oh my your baskets quilt is just so lovely. :) YOU are also amazing in all you accomplish, woman.

  9. Love both quilts/ I agree that the bow tie needs a small border.

  10. I have always wanted to make a bowtie quilt and yours is adorable!

    Love the basket quilt, can't believe you had to do that many!whew! Looks amazing!!


  11. I wish I could sew with you, need someone to push me, lol. You get so much piecing done, on top of the appliqué and the wool projects and traveling, I need some of your energy;)


  12. I think the bow ties need a cute little border to finish them off. Well done, you will have all your UFO's finished before Christmas at the rate your going! Basket quilt looks lovely and snuggly warm.

  13. Happy dancing indeed!! And some hand quilting too! Yes, I'm allll about the hand quilting!! Your basket quilt will be lovely all finished and gussied up!!

    I always liked the bow tie too!

  14. Your on a UFO busting roll Paulette...love both quilts.
    Yes, Bonnie is amazing...I couldn't do all that..

  15. It's nice to see another scrappy Bow tie effort. I didn't use the CHEDDAR in mine either. It won't be as big as Bonnie's or have the big pieced border. A simple framing border would suit your table sized Bow ties just right.