Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bonjour from Montreal…

Today I thought I would share a few pictures of Montreal.  Hayley and I decided to spend the last day of my little visit in Montreal as it was only a two hour bus ride to this lovely Quebec city!  Plus it was a great way to see the surrounding countryside away from the city.  (Flat with lots of birch trees.)

This church was in the heart of the city…old mixed with new.P1200534

This is main street in the heart of Montreal.  Just seemed wrong to mix the two, old with new, but how else are you going to do it?


On main street (Saint Catherine’s Street) you would go into a shop and find yourself in another world!!  UNDERGROUND SHOPPING!!  P1200536

Yikes!!  Doesn’t this remind you of a hamster cage with all the tunnels and wheels?!  Montreal has SEVERAL of these underground malls…but we didn’t see a single Quilt Shop…much to Hayley’s relief!! :o)) 

Outside it was a lovely sunny day…and some of the leaves were still on the trees. 


Gorgeous architecture!


And I LOVED all the old brick buildings!


Rows and rows of quaint little shops and restaurants…


I LOVED old Montreal best!  Hayley said that in the summer this huge square is a market place full of vendors.  How fun would that be!


And I also loved the brick houses…something that you don’t see back home!


We walked for MILES and MILES…until the dogs were barking so loudly, that I was FORCED to buy a new pair of shoes!  (Hey, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :)


It was ALL good!!  Including eating MY FIRST Beaver’s Tail!  P1200510-001 We shared this one…but next time we are having our own…It was THAT good!  Think of a huge, flat doughnut covered with maple icing and drizzled with chocolate…delish!   Diet-smiet, fat-smat… man, it was GOOD!

So I am leaving you now with thoughts of Beaver’s Tails dancing in your head…ENJOY! 

Oh…and Au Revoir!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Montreal looks beautiful. That is one city in Canada that I have not visited. Thanks for sharing !
    And I am sure that you walked off all those Beaver Tail calories!!

  2. What lovely pictures! I'd love to visit!

  3. Thanks for broadening my travel experiences with your photos of places I've never been! That beaver tail looks delicious, and as an Oregon Duck, we would like it a lot!!

  4. Another wonderful travelogue! The city is gorgeous, and your pictures bring it all back...even the shopping! I have never had a beaver till...but guess I better try one soon...they look yummy! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  5. It is such a beautiful city and I don't like cities, but would love to visit. I have never been in an underground mall, hardly got to the regular ones, lol.


  6. Oh my we were there two weeks ago today...the churches were magnificent. We found that underground mall was amazing. Like you, we didn't see a single quilt shop. Somehow though we missed the beaver tails. I would have loved that. I just love Montreal.

  7. Oh it's been so long since I've been back east. I used to live in Ottawa and traveled to Mtrl for business 4 times a year (garment biz) Old Mtrl is fabulous, so is Prince Arthur street with all the restaurants. And only one pair of shoes? Really? St Catherines st is (was) loaded with shoe stores! Fabulous photos of both cities.

  8. Ohhh, I recognize a few of your photos. Me and my husband rented a cabin in Plattsburgh,NY last summer and drove up into Montreal. We just visited Old Montreal and I too loved it!! It's so quaint and just loved the atmosphere of all of it! I wished I would have known about the beaver tail!:) Maybe next time! Thanks for bringing back happy memories!!:)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for to see everything and not get sore feet! That beaver's tail looks delicious!!

  10. The architecture is stunning! Love the old buildings! I was in the market square many years ago... and it was fun! I sat and had an artist draw a caricature of me... he drew a beret on my head and made me look french! lol! I could sure go for a beavertail with coffee for breakfast this morning! :-)

  11. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Montreal - I'm just across the river and used to work right downtown (Place Ville Marie - on top of the first underground mall). Now I just go into the city once in a blue moon - now if there were quilt shops it would certainly be more often.