Monday, October 1, 2012

A Salute to Maggie B.

If you love wool work and I KNOW you do…then you must know all about Maggie Bonanomi! 

You have probably made some of her Wool designs or at least SEEN her designs and appreciated/LOVED them!  Here let me refresh your memory…go HERE to see a sprinkling of her work!  For ME, I love everything that she has designed…and I want to make it ALL!

Check out her newest Wool Pattern…

                                       Botanical 002.lg

It’s called Botanical…and as you can tell…I LOVE IT!!  It is SEW Maggie B!  Can’t you picture it hanging on that long narrow wall, where nothing else would fit?  Or perhaps on that long narrow table…?

Yup…I have GOT to make THIS one!!  If you have to make it too…then go HERE to order…and we maybe we can make it together!

Thanks Maggie B!  Keep those patterns coming!!

Hope you are having a Maggie B. kinda Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It is toooo early in the morning for you to start this nagging about new stuff!!! LOL

  2. Oh, even though I don't do the applique stuff you do, I love reading about it all.

  3. I also LOVE all of Maggie's designs. I have taken a class from her and am a member of the Maggie Club through Country Sampler. Are you in the club? If not, I'm sure you would like to be. We've done some wonderful pieces and of course, have a few stockpiled for someday.

  4. That's a real pretty one! And I have just the odd shaped piece of wall to hang it on too! ;-)

  5. I have always loved her designs and I do the wool book, I got and still need to make things, lol.


  6. A friend bought me one of her wool kits and it's on my list to make soon, after I finish the 5 projects that I'm working on.
    I just might have to look into purchasing Maggie's newest.

  7. I have one of her books and I just LOVE it - but I'll be using cotton instead of wool, as I'm allergic. Love her designs!

  8. Oh, that is pretty. I do love her stuff too.