Monday, October 29, 2012


There’s GOLD in them-there bags!!

As Sandy and I were leaving the Garage Sale on Saturday, we noticed this HUGE box, beside the outside door, full of FREE scrap bags!  Sandy, being a new quilter and always on the search for fabric to add to her growing stash, grabbed a couple…but did I REALLY NEED scraps?  Ahhh what the’s FREE and I did see some Homespuns in one of the bags!  The rest I can give to Sandy!


Yes, there were some Homespuns in the bag but they were quickly forgotten when I came upon these babies!!…EUREKA…come to Mama!

Are they not the sweetest 4” blocks…


All hand pieced and stitched!


Apparently this quilter didn’t own a sewing machine and stitched EVERYTHING by hand!  I can’t imagine…BUT I can appreciate!!


So what to do with these three blocks?…any suggestions?

Mug rugs are OUT!!  No one is slopping coffee on these puppies!

Maybe a runner…?…or a narrow wall hanging?

P1200600-001Straight or on point?    


What colour background?

P1200605 Yuck!!  This brown showed up pink! P1200607

I keep going back to the black and brown…


Maybe throw in a wee border…

P1200609 Whatever colour the background, I envision BIG stitch quilting…oh yeah!!  FREE is good!  Have you grabbed a Free Scrap Bag lately…you just might be pleasantly surprised?! 

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I know how you feel, I picked up a container of fabric at a garage sale and ended up with a bag full of already cut strips, some done blocks, and a wonderful little Easter wall hanging just needing the quilting to be finished. I was thrilled!

  2. I did, I did, I bought some scraps at a garage sale recently, and did come upon a couple of "done" blocks. I am still looking at them. What a great find for you. I like the green background. Have fun.

  3. You should ask your friend if there are any more blocks in her bags, she might share!

  4. What a treasure and to think this lady did everything by hand.

  5. On the point the blocks will take more space and your little quilt will be bigger. Such a nice surprise in the scrap bag.

  6. Great pieces for a runner. I love it when my friend sends me pieces of her leftovers, always make nice table mats.


  7. You sure are one lucky lady! I know you will make those cute little blocks into something very nice.

  8. Love the green background and the blocks on point. Would make a cute runner

  9. I like the black and brown with the blocks on point. BTW great find, EUREKA for sure!!!!

  10. I swear you are a magnet for the incredible find! lol I wanna hang out with you!

  11. I just love these adorable blocks! I think a runner would be perfect! You did hit the jackpot!:) You did a beautiful job on your Autumn Quilt! LOVE it!:)