Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I’m Baaaack…!!

Can you guess where I was??  Here’s a clue…


Yup…red Maple Leaves…lots and lots of RED Maple leaves!


Sure hope you guessed Ottawa…Canada’s Capital city! 

Look…I even brought you a coffee (Starbuck’s of course!)…so settle back and enjoy the pictures…all 200 of them!  (Just kidding…I’m just going to show you a few snippets!)

So, behind me are the Parliament Buildings…very old and majestic on a very windy, wet day!  My daughter and I spent the morning touring the inside and sitting in on Question Period!  VERY interesting!


This picture was taken from behind the Parliament buildings…over to the right of the bridge is Ontario and to the left of the bridge is Quebec.  My daughter walks across the bridge every morning and goes to work in Quebec!  How cool is that!  She can say that she lives in Ontario and works in Quebec!


This is the Art Museum, which we toured on another afternoon.  Gorgeous building and a very nice exhibit!


Back to the Parliament Buildings…


No…I’m not going to jump! 


Here we are inside the Parliament Buildings…(Every time I took my daughter’s picture she would say… “It’s not going on the blog…RIGHT?!”  I would follow with an “Of course not!”  Sheesh!  As if I would put her picture on MY BLOG!   (That’s her in the wine coloured jeans!!:o) heehee


War Memorial…front of Arch…


Rear of Arch…


Rideau Canal…they can adjust the water level of the canal.  Right now the water level was very low. 


This is a picture of the Parliament Building taken from the path to the Art Museum.  Gorgeous colours!  WAY nicer in ‘real’ life.


In front of the Museum I was attacked by a giant spider!!  Where’s Superman when you need him?


On the walk back to my daughter’s apartment we followed the Rideau Canal…absolutely stunning views at every turn!  Would you believe that they skate on this river in the winter!


On the canal bridge were rows and rows of locks…I guess this is ‘THE’ place to propose to your girl friend…and then instead of whipping out a ring, you seal it with a lock!


Here’s a close-up of one of the locks!  I guess you have it engraved if you are super confident that she will say YES!  SO romantic!


And I’m happy to report that there was no one on the bridge with bolt cutters!!  Whew…everyone lives happily-ever-after in our Nation’s Capital!

I took a ton of pictures but will leave you with these…they give you an idea of just how beautiful Ottawa really is!!  I loved every moment of my stay there!  Not only is it a stunning city but I got to see where my daughter lives, works and plays..and who she hangs with…all good things!  Thanks for coming along!!

You can throw your coffee cup in the re-cycling bin as you exit the bridge.:o)

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing! You look beautiful!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Ottawa looks beautiful at this time of year...glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Welcome home!

  3. Beautiful City. Love seeing the fall colors. I missed your blog while you were gone!

  4. Glad your back safe and sound. Pictures never do justice as real life is best. You included!

  5. Glad you had a great time in our neck of the woods with all the gorgeous colours. Some of the reds and oranges take my breath away. You should go back in the winter when they have their winter festival called Winterlude.

  6. I've missed you!!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your daughter and thank you for sharing the sights. What a beautiful city.

  7. Welcome back. My morning coffee was not the same without your blob

  8. Glad your back, everyone has missed you. Wonderful fall colors and great sights. Nice you had time to spend with your daughter. Now--back to quilting. The UFO's are waiting-- :-)

  9. OMG, I missed you! Love the photos and Quebec is one of our favorite destinations! We have plans for next Oct.! Now get quilting!!!

  10. Yup, Ottawa, that's my guess. 'Cause that's where you went, according to Rick, and I always trust what he says. Happy that you enjoyed your trip, and had a nice break from routine. Thanks for sharing the photos, too. Welcome home.

  11. Glad your back safe and sound and what a great time of year to visit our Capital city.

  12. Ottawa looks like a beautiful city. What a fun little trip to share with your daughter.

  13. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures of Canada. I enjoy each one of them!

  14. What a wonderful city to live in, a bit of the new and the old and the foliage makes it even more wonderful.


  15. Loved the pic of you clutching not one, but two cups of Starbucks!

  16. Glad you had a nice time! I went to high school in Ottawa and I miss it very much. I LOVE skating outdoors on the canal in winter, even though you can't feel your toes 5 minutes into your 10 km skate. Did you make it into the parliamentary library? It truly is the best room in the building. Now that you've toured parliament, you may want to read The Best Laid Plans. It's a very funny book!

  17. Welcome back, Paulette!! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!:) Love the picture of you and your daughter is so pretty too!! Hope you came home to nice weather!!

  18. The capital is a beautiful city. You must visit in the spring for tulip festival,breathtaking. having daughtr living there is a bonus!!!lol
    No I don't live there nw but visit when I can

  19. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I hope to visit Ottawa some day.

  20. Paulette glad you had a great trip visiting Hayley in Ottawa, and that you had a safe trip. We sure enjoyed all your beautiful pictures. The Beaver Tail Rick shared sure looked delicious. Hope to see you both sometime when you are south this winter.

    Allen and Lolita

  21. What a fun trip. Loved all of your photos, but that spider will probably case me nightmares.


  22. Absolutely beautiful! Love that huge spider! lol!

  23. Wonderful pictures! I feel like I was there with you...the coffee, the canal, the Parliament buildings....and you sat in on Question that must have been interesting! I hadn't heard the story about the romantic! Thanks for sharing a great visit!

  24. Beautiful pictures. Although in Ottawa, shouldn't you be drinking Tim Hortons?

  25. Glad your back safe and sound. Pictures never do justice as real life is best. You included!