Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Wheelie Wacky Wednesday!

I have been busy filling these baskets with circles and leaves…and had a pretty good system going…cutting, stitching, starching and pressing then…with great satisfaction..wheeling over to the ‘basket station’ to place the leaf or circle on the basket and then wheeling back to do it all over again! 


That is until my chair would no longer wheel!  WHAT the?! P1190032

Yup, you guessed it…all four wheels had clogged up!  Threaditis strikes again!P1190033

And it’s no wonder!  Yikes!  Look what was in one wheel!


But not to worry…I have the tools to get the job done…


Correction…HAD the tools!  Rats!


Oh well…the wheels are movin’ and I’m back in the groove!  Anyone want a race?

What can I say…it’s a slooowww News day…

BUT not For Butter Milk Basin…they are having an OPEN HOUSE!!

Yup, pull a Wheelie of your own and head on over to hear all the details!!  You won’t be sorry as they have the cutest patterns EVER!!  And I’m talking Wheelie Cute!  :o}

I hope you have a Wheelie Wacky Wednesday too..and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. My wheels get that also! I love this quilt. I have the book with this pattern and can't wait to start it one day, lol, when I get the 15 things done I'm working on now. :)

  2. Let me know if you get a free pattern, no word on my end;)


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  4. lol, never heard of threaditis, so glad you had the tools to address the problem! I think you are wheelie funny, you are always cracking me up!

  5. You should make a "clutter quilt" would be unique! That basket looks like an Easter Basket, to me, I love Easter Baskets!

  6. that is hysterical sorry but just made me LOL!!!!!

    glad your wheels are clean now :)

  7. After cleaning, did you use WD40 on the wheels to make them glide better?