Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bowtie Blasting and Flying the Coop!

Yesterday I hauled out another UFO bin…this time containing Bowties from Bonnie Hunter’s Bowtie Challenge.  I started these way back HERE!  Yikes…that was over a year ago!!  I think the Challenge MUST be over by now!! 

ANYONE else out there in Blogland with bowties in a bin…waiting to be finished?  Come on…there’s GOT to be someone?  If so, then get them out and fire up your machine!  We’ll finish them off together!

Whenever I put my supplies into a bin, I always include the pattern…this one looks more like a recipe!!:o)  Hey, whatever works, right?!


Oh well…Challenge or No Challenge…these little guys are just too sweet to remain in a bin forever!

So while listening to an audio book, I made a few more bowties and then I did some aimless stitching…LOVED IT!!

P1200357  And before I knew it, all these little bowties were in rows…


…ready to be stitched together into a sweet table topper!


And that’s where I left her…NO, I won’t be putting this one back into a bin…but she may have to wait awhile!

I am off to Ottawa tomorrow to visit my youngest daughter!  I haven’t been to Ottawa before (Canada’s Capital) so I am excited to see the sights and to spend Hayley’s 28th birthday with her!  I REALLY don’t like having my baby so far away…right across the country but… a mama’s got to do, what a mama’s got to do…and that may be to let her little birds fly the coop!  DARN it anyway! 

SEW have fun without me… have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

I will be back next Wednesday…see you then!


  1. Oh no! A week without Sweet Pea? What will I do? You're my daily ritual. But I know children are a priority. I am lucky enough to have my 3 in the same town. One is still in the nest....gonna have to do something about that. Have a wonderful time with your daughter.

  2. Love your bowties - very sweet.

    Sweeter is time spent with your daughter - have fun.

  3. My morning coffee time will not be the same. Have fun.

  4. I love Bow Ties. Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  5. You have a good trip and we will try real hard to keep an eye on Rick while you're gone. With all that good food you left for him he will be challenged to know what to eat first! We know he will eat dessert last!! LOL

  6. Your bow tie quilt will be so beautiful, you'll be sorry you didn't finish it sooner!
    Have a wonderful trip!

  7. Darn it you made me think about my unfinished bow ties. I will be away from home for the next couple of days, so I will have to try and join you this weekend. Well, I see you will be away until next Wednesday. Let's shoot for a finish date after you return from visiting your daughter.

  8. Those UFOs are falling like flies, good for you and have a safe, fun filled trip!

  9. Isn't it amazing how we start out sewing a few blocks and before we know it, we have a whole quilt done, love piecing. I always listen to music, need something to get me moving, lol.


  10. Have a great time in Ottawa. At least she went across the country and not across the world like my youngest did several years ago (for a semester of university.)

  11. hope you have a great visit. i really like your bowtie topper

  12. I am making a cheddar and 1800s bowtie quilt, I want a good sized one for the couch in the family room. I am going to keep going until I run out of cheddar or it's big enough, whichever comes first.

  13. Love your bowties! You will love Ottawa! A lovely clean city with so much to do! Enjoy time with little sweet p...

  14. These are just too cute---I may have made one or two---wonder where they are...yours' make me want to sew bowties :)

  15. Have a great time!!! The bow ties are awesome!

  16. Enjoy your trip!

    You're being so faithful with pulling out UFO's. I need to follow the good example that you are setting!

  17. Love the bowties! Have a great trip.

  18. Cute bowties. Yep that challenge is over, cos I am doing the current leaders and enders Bonnie set, which is super cute spool blocks, using 1.5" scraps, check it out when you get home!

  19. Well have fun in your visits! I usually work one project at a time, but now have two not finished and it is making me crazy. Next year. You will love Ottawa. The city is beautiful, the pace slower than say Toronto. Our granddaughter goes to University of Ottawa there and also trains on the Rideau Canel till they take the water out.

  20. Love your bowties!:) I hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter- how wonderful! My daughter turns 28 too next month. You'll have to tell us all about your visit to Ottawa!! Have a great time!:)

  21. i just started my bowties last week. I have 1 done. life got in the way.

  22. Bonnie is still stitching her bowties, so the challenge mustn't be over yet. But she is getting closer to having a bedsize quilt made of them. I see lots going around blogland of others stitching away on them too. So you are not alone in the bowtie world. Have fun traveling and seeing the sights. Watch your baby bird grow up in a new coop too.



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