Saturday, October 27, 2012


My ‘new’ mid-arm has been humming right along…with two more charity quilts DONE for a total of four quilts completed!  So fast and getting easier…and more importantly, with each quilt I have learned something new about the quilting process!  It now takes me about 15 minutes to load a quilt onto the frame…instead of the two plus hours that it took me the first time! :o)


Let’s zoom in for a close-up…More loops and stars…

P1200583Not perfect by any means…but improvements noted! Baby steps for sure…P1200579   In between these quilts I also did a ‘practice muslin sandwich quilt’ so that I could practice stippling and meandering.  I’m not quite ready to do that on a baby quilt yet!  A few more sandwiches to go…?


Love the fourth quilt…a scrappy baby quilt!  Remember these quilts were made by volunteers from the Cowichan Heritage Guild.  My job is to quilt them and hopefully, not screw them up TOO badly!…And in doing that I get to practice…practice…practice!P1200572

Loops and hearts this time.

P1200563    P1200567 P1200568

On this quilt I discovered that when your machine skips a stitch it’s time to put in a new needle!  So many things to watch out for while free motion quilting!  P1200570With a new needle in, all was right with the quilting world!    P1200575

AND it’s on to baby quilt number five!  With number five I am going to experiment with my Cruise Control and stitch length and I am going to quilt in sections rather than rows.  Wish me luck!

I hope all is right in your little quilting world!  Thanks for popping in to peek over my shoulder!

Have a super sewing Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow that looks great, especially for a beginner!

  2. sometimes I feel like it still takes me 2 hours to load a quilt!

  3. this is so great - I don't have my frame set up yet but you are approaching this learning process much the way I was planning to. It is great to follow your progress!!! Nice work!

  4. WELL DONE. You are doing a great job on the charity quilts. It's a win win situation.

  5. Looking good! Your quilting is coming along magnificently.

  6. looking good, practise makes perfect as they say.

  7. I think they look wonderful and they will definitely bring cheer to the recipients and their families. Hope to see you at the fabric sale this morning. Like I need more fabric but I'll definitely be there!;)

  8. Your quilting is looking great !!!
    I really do think you are a born natural at frame quilting ;-)

  9. Such sweet quilts, I am sure the ladies of the charity group really appreciate your efforts and also the children that get them. Sandwich practise pieces sounds like a good idea... alot more to learn then I ever realised, I will appreciate the skills of my local long arm quilter even more!

  10. You are really moving along with your quilting. I was at the pfaff store and they had the new one in and I moved it around, moves like a dream, really really tempting, lol.


  11. Good for you!!!!!! If you can do this; you can meander and stipple,

  12. Wow! You are really coming along fast.
    Such a great idea to practice on the charity quilts & it gets them done so much faster.
    As an aside, I am sure that there must have been a rule that everyone on the planet had to purchase that dark green with gold stars fabric in picture 6. I have seen it in soooo many scrap quilts!! LOL
    Keep going, you are doing great!

  13. Looks to me like you're a natural. Your stitches are so consistent and the curves and circles are lovely and smooth. Absolutely brilliant.