Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our First Date!

Yesterday I met a blogging friend for coffee.  I had never met her before…in fact it dawned on me, driving to our rendezvous place, that I had no idea what she looked like!  The thought went through my head that if there were a lot of people around, would I have to go up to all the lone ladies and ask… “Are you Synthia??”  This was as close to a Blind Date as I had ever been on…and it was nerve wracking! 

But I didn’t have to worry long, in fact as I reached for the door to the Starbucks, Synthia was calling my name!  Whew!!  And she looked great …it was going to be a good first Date!


Synthia and I had a lot in common…WOOL for one!!  I can talk about wool for hours… then there are wool patterns…wool designers…wool shops…yes we yammered on for a long time!!  Turns out we are Kindred Spirits! And what a sweet lady she is!!  The ONLY thing that was missing was our mutual friend, Marie!

I ‘met’ Synthia about two years ago through another blogging friend, Marie.  The three of us liked the same things…like wool, Civil War fabric, the same online shops, designers and patterns.  I’m sure that if you are a blogger you can relate to this…we even did a Round Robin Wool Pin Cushion exchange…which you can read about HERE!

Anyways we had a wonderful visit over our coffees…like old friends!  Then we did what quilting buddies do best…we went shopping!!  Yup, I introduced Synthia to The Quilter’s Faire…a local quilt shop located in Palm Desert!

And like the trouper that I KNEW she was, Synthia zeroed in on their pitiful little basket of Civil War fabric!!  She SCORED two 1/8 yard bundles of CW fabrics…she practically did a happy dance to the till!

P1160776I didn’t do too shabby myself!!  I got a yard length of CW fabric plus four 1/2yd cuts, along with some white dotted fabric.  I did a little jig myself!!  That pitiful little basket of Civil War fabric was practically empty by the time we left!  P1160777

SEW all in all, we had ourselves a lovely first date, with the promise to do a repeat down the road!  It just shows you that if you connect though emails, then when you meet in real life it  will be even better.  Guess that’s why there are so many on-line dating services!

Have a wooly Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love this blogging stuff. Seems like we can find friends all over the world who love the same things we do. I actually found a wool project that I had started several years ago in a Bee class. I need to finish it into a pillow.

  2. It is wonderful you met and had a great time. Going to a LQS is such a treat. What a lovely day you had.

  3. nice to meet a 'new friend' face to face and hit it off!!..can't be too hard when you have so much in common!!

  4. I'm so glad you and Synthia had a wonderful time. With so much in common it was definitely a win-win situation.

  5. It sounded like you guys had a wonderful time. Quilting buddies are wonderful.....

  6. Oh you lucky duck! I love meeting new woolies! Someday when you head up and down the trail from sewing room #1 to sewing room #2 you have got to stop in my neck of the woods!

    you too Synthia!

  7. I've met a few of my blog friends and ain't it fun!! I sadly wish I had these friends closer so we could visit on a regular basis. Its hard to find like minded friends in my real world.

  8. Wonderful way to spend the day and it looks like you both scored on some nice new fabrics, love the blue shades.


  9. Where there is wool or civil war fabrics there is Sweet P!

  10. I like the pincushion exchange you participated in. I think your blind date friend would be a good wool partner. Do you want to send her my way? You shouldn't get to have all the fun. LOL!

  11. Silly me! I didn't even know you had your camera in the shop. You could have said "smile" or "pickles" or "sex?" so I would look up and laugh! I look so serious! Such a fun day providing wonderful memories. We'll do it again.

  12. LOL your too funny! So glad your "date" was great!!

  13. Paulette where are you? Away from home I'm thinking. I retire in June so I am thinking of more quilting. I was surprised by your store so far from home. I guess I will have to join this blog now. Happy travelling. (Jodi Butler sd79)

  14. I have several blog friends that I can hardly wait to meet - I know our day is coming! blessings, marlene

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