Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wee Baskets…in the Wee Hours…

Come on in..and see what I have been working on in my evening!  Ah yes, I lead a VERY exciting life!

On Tuesday I prepped more Wee Baskets handles…took me most of the day..I cranked up the music (and the AC) and time flew!  Hubby went golfing so it was just me and the mutts in the trailer!  Bliss!P1160679

Katrina from Sunshower Quilts Blog has a WONDERFUL video on how to attach handles when using the  Accuquilt Bountiful Basket die but alas..these WEE Basket handles are REALLY small..and can’t be done this least not by me and my man hands!


SEW…I putzed along…I used the Hera marker to score the fabric.  This made turning the slightly wider that 1/8” edge A LOT easier.  (below you can see the crease line on the handles…that was done by the Hera Marker).  I used my little applique iron to turn the edges.


Done…oh so pretty!!


I started off by hand basting one row of stitching to hold the handle but decided…


..a double row of basting takes only a few seconds longer and eases the fullness in better…no puckers that way.


So the handles are all prepped… each evening, my goal is to applique a few more of the handles down…and by the time I am white haired and old they should be done!  {SCREECH!!}  Oh yeah, I’m already white haired and old…better stitch a little faster!! :)


They are so dang sweet!! (excuse my housecoat…haha..I did say that I was working in the WEE 7:30pm!)…and small..each block measures 3 1/2”.


And when those are stitched I have a lot more to prep…yup…make that white haired, old, stooped and frail…and on life support..but able to stitch!


I have got to tell you that I am trying out my new Superior Threads, which I bought before leaving home…They are correctly named…FAR Superior than anything I have ever used for applique! (not that I am an expert on hand applique by any means!)

They are the Kimono Silk Threads by Superior Thread.  VERY silky and smooth and they don’t tangle AND you cannot see your stitches at all!  LOVE this thread!


If you would like the pattern for the WEE BASKETS then go over to Brandie’s Blog…abc.  She generously shared this pattern with us!!  Thanks again Brandie!!

Still no Accuquilt Spotlight sighting…will keep you posted!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I made a quilt of little baskets like this (mine finished at 4") from an Alex Anderson pattern in her first book. Since your handles are cut on the bias, why not save yourself a little time by using her method of machine stitching the raw edge of the handle down and then flipping the folded edge over that so you only have to hand applique one side of the handle? You can see how it's done in steps five and six here:

    I did mine by machine with invisible thread like in the link above but in her original quilt (not the quilt in the link above), Alex did hers by hand.

    Got to admit when those baskets are done, they are darling!

  2. I am loving you basket fabrics! Makes me want to start one!

  3. Very cute and very small, lol. Love your little pressing pad - where did you get something like that. I really love basket blocks and I could probably handle making a few of those for a small little something for a small somewhere, lol.


  4. Thank you SOOOO much for this post. I saw Brandie's little baskets several months ago, eventaully bought some fabric, then life got a little crazy, and I forgot where I had seen the pattern. YIPPEE! Now I can start on my little baskets.

  5. These are just sweet little baskets! Thanks to you and Brandi for there any room for the golf gear when hubby returns? Chuckle!

  6. I am loving your little baskets. Need to put those on my long list of things to make. LOL!
    I also love your mini iron holder and pressing pad. Where did you find it? I have the same mini iron and would to have a holder and pressing pad like that!

  7. You have a lot more patience than I do, lol.
    They really came out beautifully. I got a basket kit from Cheri, so I will do that one since it is prim.


  8. Thank you so much...I went and checked out Brandies blog and got all the low down on Tiny baskets. Your timing is perfect, as I am still constructing my wish list for this year and baskets were on it, but I didnt have a pattern, so thanks for sharing! Opps I have just pledged my charm pack as a giveaway on my blog...oh well there is always more shopping to be done! Happy quilting Sue SA.

  9. I see I'm not the only one is wanting to know where you got that cut holder/ironing pad for your little iron. Do tell.

  10. Such cute little baskets. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt..before I'm old and gray! Oh yea...I already am!

  11. The link for Brandie's blog is for the Part 2 of the Tiny Baskets tutorial. I tried, but can't find, the Part 1 tutorial. Do you know where it is at? Thanks....the baskets are darling.