Monday, January 30, 2012

I’ve Saved the BEST for last!!

Yes, I’m STILL talking about the Clubhouse Quilters!!  Such an amazing group of quilters!!
Let me show you how the NEW Woolies are making out!! 

Look at what Seattle Judy has been up to!!  Incredible isn’t it!! 


Just look at those ity-bity geranium flowers…smaller than my pinky fingernail!!  And look at her stitching!!  WOW!!


Yup…we’ve got another ‘DANG’ cute project on our hands!!


And then there is Anne! This is her first (but certainly NOT her last) wool project!!  This is a Cathi’s Penny Pattern which Anne bought at the Wool Lady Shop in Temecula! 


Let’s get up close and personal…LOOK at those stitches!!  Perfect!!  And the gingerbread men are teeny tiny!!


TWO ‘DANG’ cute projects in one post…can you STAND it!!


Yup…I can predict another trip to Temecula in our near future!! I think I’m getting psychic…:)

Hey…Do you remember this little Thread Catcher from yesterday?

P1160852 - Copy

WE now have the pattern to make it!!  Thanks to both Leslie and Jan for sending this info and the link to the FREE pattern found at Needling Things Blog!  Bloggers/Lurkers are the BEST!!  They REALLY are!!  WE thank you!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Totally completely smitten with the geraniums - too sweet!

  2. Both wool projects are just awesome !Cute thread catcher too:-)

  3. Love the stitches, I have a woolie in my to do list with mittens.

  4. I made the geranium from Primitive Gatherings as well. Loved it!! Would look great in so many colors.

  5. Wonderful woolie projects. I see a trip to Temecula in your very near future. LOL

  6. Your "woolies" are doing great work. I'll give you credit for being a good influence/teacher.

  7. Since I saw your thread catcher, I have been surfing the internet for patterns too! I went out and bought interfacing and buttons and plan to see what I can come up with as well.

  8. I love the woolies projects! The detail and stitching are wonderful. I'm going to check out the thread catcher...very cute.
    Enjoy your day,

  9. Beautiful woolies, thanks for the close ups. Those ladies must have amazing eyes to be able to get those stitches so small.

  10. I love Cathi's pennies, she really has a wonderful way with penny mats and such fun designs.


  11. Thanks for the link to the thread catcher pattern, I just ordered a Janome sewing machine from to use in my RV. I have so many things I want/need to sew I also like hand sewing wool projects.

  12. I tried making those geraniums and those little flowers were just too much for me. Couldn't do it!

  13. Those are such cute projects! Love them!!!!

  14. I made a lot of the thread catchers for Christmas from the pattern Primitive Gatherings had on the fall Moda Blog Hop. They are fast & easy to make & really handy to have. I also thank you for the snap bag instructions.

  15. I've always loved penny rugs and this are particularly cute! I saw the thread catchers a while ago and thought they'd make a wonderful gift for my stitching group and quilt retreat friends.