Sunday, January 29, 2012

It was a SNAP!

If you had popped into the Clubhouse last Wednesday you would have thought that there was an infestation of crickets…but NO…Carolann had most of the quilters making Snap Bags…you know the little bags that make the cricket noise when you open and close them!

Thought you’d like to see some of the fun they had making these Snap Bags…

Here’s Carolann demonstrating how to make this sweet little bag.



Carolann was VERY organized…Martha would have been proud!  The dark blue is the lining piece, the middle is the outside and then you have the fusible fleece.

Carolann told us that we could make our bag any size but to remember to cut our lining fabric 4” longer than our outer fabric (in a rectangle shape).  Everyone decided to stick to Carolann’s size for the first time round.


You iron on the 2” interfacing strips to each end of the lining fabric.


..Then fold up and press.


This was the light blue looked light blue on the back side because it had fusible interfacing on it (you could put light weight fusible fleece here if you want more weight, substance or padding.)


Put the outer fabric on top  and fold up the lining fabric….


Make your two Prairie Points (these will be the tabs that you will use to open your Snap Bag.)


Stitch the top and bottom casings…with everything pinned together quilt as desired…(do you see that the prairie points are pinned in…


Now take a $1 Store metal tape measure and cut 3/4” shorter than the casing to your bag…


Round off each tip…


This gets rid of the sharp corner points…


Then cover each tip with duct tape.


Now slide it into the bag so that the numbers are facing the inside of the bag!  You want your bag to SNAP!


Now add any carrying tabs or rope and sew up the sides.  Turn right side out…and she is DONE!P1170023

And here are the finished results!  Aren’t they gorgeous! P1170039

Zooming in for a close-up….


Remember you can make these bags… any size.. just add 4 “ onto the length of your lining fabric.  These bags would be perfect for sewing ‘stuff’, E-readers, IPoDs, literally ANYTHING…


AND Ohhhh SEW pretty!!  Thanks Carolann!!  It was a fun morning and we all agreed that it was a SNAP!!

Hope you have a Snappy Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a fun class to be able to take and at the club house.


  2. so cute! quilting girlfriends are the best at sharing!

  3. What a great little bag! I'm heading off to the Dollar Store for a tape measure. Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day in the sun!

  4. my mom made me one out of wool from kathy cardiff pattern with a wool crazy JAM pattern on front. go to our blog to see. quiltdolls blogspot.

    kim from san diego

  5. Oooo what fun! Another project I just have to try. They all turned out so cute.

  6. those are so cute!!!..what a great tutorial! the black and white ones!!

  7. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! It looks easy enough for even me to try!!
    Those turned out so pretty!!


  8. That is so clever, have never seen those before, who would have thought, measuring tape. Thanks for a new inspiration and a great tutorial to follow.

    Nancy in MT

  9. Those are fabulous!Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.Now I have to try it.Thanks so much!!

  10. That is so cool. I have never thought of using a tape measure in such a cool way but that is wonderful.

  11. I love those - Cheryl made me one and I have more fun making it snap!

  12. You know that you are an angel who can read peoples' thoughts. I was searching for that pattern all week and gave up. Thank you so much. Sending a great big hug your way.

  13. I've made some of these, and I have to agree, they are simple and fun.

  14. Great idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

  15. good day! I loved the portfolios. I wonder how you do trim.
    Hugs from Brazil, Luciana.