Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’ve Got Mail….

I love receiving emails from home…and I especially love emails when they come complete with pictures!!  Delores sent me just such an email, full of quilty love…and so I thought I’d pass it onto YOU!! 

Yesterday was our Heritage Quilting day back home…and the quilters have been stitching some magic!

Would you believe that Aude made this masterpiece from her scraps. Nah, I didn’t believe it either!!  It’s too gorgeous…love EVERYTHING about this quilt!


This is Connie’s Cowboy Themed quilt…it’s so big that the two top rows are not showing!  Some little cowboy is going to be thrilled!


Three more lovely community quilts crafted by Betty Smith.  I tell you this lady is a workhorse!   


Carol’s looking very stylish in her new quilted jacket!!  Oh… she’s working it!


Carol’s talent is in her genes…look at what her mother just finished!  Wow!


Susan Smith's latest masterpiece is from a pattern called “Farmyard Friends” - applique designs for machine quilting  by Deborah Konchinsky" (Circa 1991).

Susan has done tons of thread painting and free motion quilting on this stunner.  It is for her new grandbaby (due in March) and is within the theme of this year's Cowichan Exhibition Theme "Bounty of the Valley".  Well there you go…looks like Susan is going to be getting another blue ribbon for this baby! 


Just look at these sweet little blocks…


And just look at the quilting!!  Wonderful!


Yup…we have a winner here!!  Well done, Susan!IMG_4949

And finally, Vi brought in this Dresden Plate block …which she cut out using my GO!  Vi is using Fall colours to put together this quilt…and I’m liking it…A LOT!  She has three more blocks to stitch before she can assemble this quilt…and I predict that it is going to be Fall-icious!


Thanks Delores!!  It feels like I just attended a Heritage Quilting Monday…without the coffee and goodies…or the chin wag…:(  But good to see what everyone has been up to!  Such inspiration!

This morning I am meeting up with Synthia, a long time blogging friend..we have never met before so this is VERY exciting!!  Our rendezvous is at a Starbucks…I will be wearing a rose and carrying a book!  (I’m a “I’ve Got Mail” fan)…hey I got MAIL…and it’s from Synthia!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What amazingly talented friends you have on both sides of the border!

  2. It is so fun to see that your friends back home are keeping you in the know!! I'm guessing they love seeing their quilt photos in your blog posts!! How fun!!! Enjoy Starbucks and new friendship today...sounds wonderful. Should be me!

  3. It is nice that we can share photos of quilts from friends and others, in different parts of the world.


  4. I always love to see your Show and Tell of all your quilts and your friends' quilts from close and far! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The quilt with all the animals is an interesting one. I just recently purchased Cheri's Farm quilt pattern. It has animals on it too.