Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday’s Sewing Shenanigans…

…started after lunch!   First thing Sunday morning, my hubby and I were off to Whitewater Canyon Preserve for a THREE hour hike!  Gorgeous scenery…just have a look~

We started off the hike following the Whitewater River…image

..till we hit the trails leading into the mountains…


Well actually the trail lead us around the mountains…


Over the river…Molly hates water and board walks so needed to be carried.


Finally we reached Red Dome…which was a small red rock…My favourite part of the hike was when we got to eat our lunch and enjoy the view! 

When we started the hike in the morning it was overcast and cool.  As soon as the sun broke out it was sweltering!!  Boy did I wear the wrong clothes…and NO HAT!!


The dogs shared my tomato sandwich…and acted like it was steak!!

Then is was back home to our RV…where I set up the sewing machine and worked on my ‘secret project’(see the project is no where in sight!!)…but I will give you a clue…it’s RED and WHITE and involves SEW CAL GAL!  Yes, she is up to her old tricks..enough said!   I’m happy to report that I finished off the main part to the project and can now concentrate on the borders.  Yeah!P1160827

Then while the Golden Globes was on I worked on my Wee Baskets…P1160829

My finished pile of WEE baskets is getting higher…

P1160831After that long hike this morning, the dogs have been in a coma! My motto is let sleeping dogs lie…especially while sewing! 

Hope you had a Sunday full of sewing shenanigans too!

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. A terrific hike, indeed! I know the furbabies were comatose later. LOL

    I see your red and white project - yes I do! Or do I? LOL

    Love the baskets!

  2. Love the pictures! Sure different to our -38 here today!!
    I still have to get started on my "project" I have had so many interruptions & company that I'm worried I may not finish in time!

  3. Cesar Milan says, "a tired dog is a good dog." LOL They must have been hungry...Enzo wouldn't touch a tomato.

    I loved the photos and am intrigued by the project!

  4. Wonderful place for a hike, I need some warm weather, lol. Love how you have your set up for sewing, I need to be more organized.


  5. Can't wait to see this secret red and white project. I hate it when you tease us!

  6. 3 hour hike.. OMG I would be panting like the furbabies..

    question regarding yesterday's post and bom from Raspberry Rabbits (thanks for the heads up) when they say wool felt do they mean wool fabric that has been felted or do they mean wool felt that you buy at someplace like JoAnn's?

  7. Your pictures are great!!:) Thanks for sharing! Boy, you did score with all your purchases! The fabric looks adorable and thanks for the heads up on the download- that snowman with the bunnies is just tooo cute!!:)