Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Synthia’s Sew and Tell…

I got mail…and it was the BEST kind of mail…yup the kind I can share with YOU!

Synthia (remember my blogging friend from Oregon…I met her last week for coffee…What?  You forgot ALREADY?  Well you can go HERE to refresh your memory!)…anyways…Synthia sent me pictures of the project that she is working on …and it is stunning!


It’s called ‘Summer’ by Primitive Gatherings.  It’s wool applique done on mottled beige cotton!!  LOVE it!!  It reminds me of ‘Summertime’ by Lisa from Primitive Gatherings…they REALLY must like Summer!! 

Yes Synthia really knows her stuff…just look at those stitches!!  Lovely!!

synthia 1

Oh….and I just HAVE to share Synthia’s recent SCORE!!  They had a Silent Auction fund raiser at their Clubhouse and she ‘won’ this travel sewing case for only $3!!  BUT wait it gets better…AFTER she paid for it, she opened it to discover ALL this sewing LOOT!!


 synthia 2

EUREKA!!  The mother load!!  Full of all kinds of threads, glues, stillettos, markers, patters, fabric…

synthia 3

I just LOVE happy endings!!  “SCORE!”  Thanks for sharing, Synthia!

YAHOOOOOOO!!!!  TWO MORE SLEEPS TILL THE ROAD TO CALIFORNIA!!  I’m sitting down today and making out my list…I have a list for Claire…and a list for Kathy…and a list for Mary…(I have their money safely tucked in my wallet…can’t you see me at the till… “Wait..wait..wait… that’s Kathy’s money!  Hang on…yes, here’s Claire’s money!!”)  and of course there is that loooonnnnnngggg list for ME!! :)

Gwen and Siena are driving… we have TWO vehicles this year and both are full to capacity!!  SEW far no one needs to be strapped to the roof…yet!

If you have never been to Road to California Quilt Show and would like to SEE what it’s like, then you NEED to view last year’s show…it blew my socks off!!  (See pic.. no socks on those feet!!:)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. oh,oh, oh...I am working on that same project! Go Synthia Go!

    I can't wait for the photos of road to Calif.! Take lots!

  2. Synthia's blocks are beautiful!!

    Have a fantastic time at the show!

  3. I thought Synthia's blocks had ruched flowers on them. I see now that it must be done with thread stitches over the wool. Very pretty.

  4. Oh P, Synthia's work is just exquisite. And what a score is right! I'm excited for RTC and I'm not even going!

  5. Beautiful pieces ...and yes she did score! I too am excited about RTC and will be there on Thursday and Friday. Maybe I will see you there.

  6. That is a beautiful quilt she is making, love the colors.
    Nice find, I always look inside boxes at the thrifts, never know what might be in them.


  7. Those are awesome. It makes me want to get out my wool.

  8. Very pretty blocks!! Looks like the quilt show will be tons of fun!! So excited for you and can't wait for your pictures!! haha! We do appreciate you sharing!!:)

  9. I agree, her blocks look great!

    don't forget your camera, on your trip. Looking forward to your updates. :)

  10. Have fun at the Road to California- we have more than socks on right now on our feet- more like tights and long johns. The mercury has dipped to -30+ windchill.. No outside recess for us this week- Nothing like children and cabin fever- LOL
    Enjoy the show..

  11. Oh you are missing the snow here...aren't you upset????

  12. Lovely work! I hope you enjoy the show!

  13. Synthia's "score" must be the reward for doing beautiful work like that.

    Have fun at the show, and I'll look forward to reading all about it afterwards. If only I'd thought of it earlier, I bet I could have come up with a shopping list for you too.

  14. Sorry Pauline,

    I called you by the wrong name!