Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Club House Quilting ..

..Group has grown in size, with the welcomed addition of Deb from Alberta and Kim from BC!!  SEW wonderful to see both of these gals!!  (Deb was the driver for our last year’s Shop Hop…you may remember our FLAT TIRE escapade!!  Yup that was HER truck!  You can read about THAT HERE!  I called that post Hop From Hell..haha)  Kim had to leave The Sands to go to Quartzsite BEFORE the Road to California so she couldn’t go!!  Her hubby wanted to buy solar panels for the RV…she has made his life a living hell since!  (Just kidding…sorta’) 

Deb was camera shy today…but the fabric she was working with wasn’t!  Gorgeous fabric…that she has finished cutting out and started piecing (apparently Deb has a hard time CUTTING fabric…she is ‘one of those’ who likes to look and feel her fabric…for many YEARS… before she actually cuts!!  This fabric was bought at the Road to California last year so she is doing fairly well with THOSE issues!)P1160289

Kim…also camera shy…(they will get over that SOON!) finished whipping up this sweet little number…which will be a gift for a good friend back home!  It is an Anni Downs’ Stitchery…love her stuff!  I THINK it’s from Anni’s book ‘Garden Angels’!


Kim’s friend is going to be THRILLED!

Then Kim took out a Charm Pack and started to sew the charms together…screeching to a STOP when she saw THIS!!  Well she snatched Lil’Twister off MY table and banishing a rotary cutter went to work like a Mad Quilter Possessed…I thought we’d need to bring in a Priest…


…Fabric FLEW…but look what she MADE!!  Now EVERYONE want to make one!!  Thanks..KIM!!


Gwen was madly fighting with the beast…getting it quilted so that it could go on the Raffle Table by this weekend!!  Go..Gwen…Go!  I’m happy to report that Gwen WON the battle…such a beautiful quilt and going to such a worthy cause!!


Grandma Karen is continuing to work on her grand-daughter’s quilt…it’s getting BIGGER and BETTER with each row…two more rows to go! The perfect colours for a little/big girl’s room!   We all put in our two cents worth on border selection and this is what we came up with!!  P1160279

Anne is starting to TALK to the Animals!!  But she is slowly getting there!!  Have a gander at THOSE threads!!  I ohhhh and ahhhh every time I pass her table!!


Isn’t this quilt incredible!!  Just love it!!


What was I doing? A little of This and  and a lot of That…got the binding sewn on my SECRET project…and a couple other projects which I will share another day…YOGA is calling MEEEEEEEeeee!!

It’s Turkey Day at the Club House!!  TWO Thanksgiving dinners in ONE year…I am SEW thankful!!

Hope you have a Thankful Thanksgiving and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Have a wonderful day today, two holidays with the state change, lol.


  2. Important that you are all having a blast there...the quilts are all adorable...and snitch me some of that beautiful thread; will

  3. What a fun group of quilters! Love all their projects. I have a least the fabric....waiting for me to start on it today.

  4. Thanks for sharing all those projects. Wow, you have a group of work horses.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone! Gobble, Gobble!

  5. wow you girls are smokin' you'll need that turkey to relax! lol

  6. Happy turkey day to you!!..glad you managed to pull yourself away from stitching in time for dinner!!!