Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingerbread Man 101…

Here are TEN EASY STEPS to make a Gingerbread Man…and this one is guaranteed NOT to add anything to the waistline!  All you need are two pieces of brown wool and some white yarn/embroidery floss…or whatever thread you have..or you could use buttons.

Step 1~ Draw a Gingerbread Man Shape onto a piece of Freezer Paper and cut it out. 

Step 2~ Iron this shape (shiny side down) on to a piece of brown wool.  Pin another piece of wool to the back of the wool…see how there are two layers of brown wool sandwiched under the template.


Step 4~ Machine Sew all around the paper shape being careful not to sew onto the paper.  Leave a small opening…see his left leg..This picture shows the side without the paper as I wanted you to see the stitching…


Step 5~ Carefully cut the GBM out leaving a scant 1/4” from the stitching line. (see picture) Use the paper as a guide…


Step 6~  Do NOT trim the area around the opening as you will trim it after your GBM is stuffed.


Step 7~ Stuff your GBM.


I used this stuffing…super soft and easy to handle.  I bought it at my new BFF’s, JoAnn’s!


Step 8~ Hand stitch the hole closed and then trim…you can’t even see where the hole was. Looks like he’s about to run away, doesn’t he?


Step 9~ Blanket Stitch (by hand) using wool thread or perle cotton right around your GBM…this will hide your machine stitching and will give your GBM a nice finished look…add the eyes and X for buttons…or use buttons (I didn’t have any…:(  Remember to bury your knots.


Step 10~ Arrange your greenery, berries and GBM in your flour sieve or jar/Christmas tin. 


DANG cute, don’t you think!  And DANG easy!


Thanks Anne…for the idea and the inspiration!! 

This morning we are hiking to Bob Hope’s house…too bad he’s no longer ‘with us’ or we would stop by for a cold drink and a visit…share a laugh or two..just for the memories…Guess what I will be singing all the way up…and all the way down…and probably for the rest of the day!   

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

NoteAnd….Thanks for the Memories….Note


  1. such a cute little man you made!..now if he ticks you off you can bite his head off!..no wait sorry that is the real gingerbread man!!..have a good one..and say HI to BOB!!..in spirit anyway..
    another first commenter for me this morning..whoo hoo..I am the early riser!!!

  2. Well, he's is just adorable, and I love how you put it together. I have tried some other ways and found them a bit difficult to 'turn'...I definitely am going to try your method. MUCH easier and love the blanket stitch...Thanks boocoos for sharing this. :D

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG - here I am hyperventilating (yes, again) LOL You know my love affair with any GBM - he's very dapper. Ya done good! :-)

  4. Oh your project turned out soooo cute! He looks good enough to eat...no...not the gumdrop buttons!!! lol

  5. This little guy is just perfect!!!

  6. I have some prim patterns that i want to make, after I finish the last two projects;) I want to try it with the coffee colored fabric and see how they look with that.


  7. Too cool, Paulette! I think I gotta have one...or two, or three.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great job, Paulette! My friend Janet, made that. She's the one who is very ill. It's so neat that you are loving her style! She needs people thinking about her as much as possible!

  9. Love your new centerpiece! I might even use my pinking shears to cut out my GB man....

  10. OMG he is as cute as he can be! Love it!

  11. Yes, he's dang cute! You make everything look so easy! A great project!

  12. Oh it is dang cute , really looks festive in the greenery .

  13. Gorgeous GBM and lovely display!

  14. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. He is one gorgeous looking gingerbread man, but I think you should make him a lady friend, otherwise he's going to be Lonesome This Christmas.

  16. My mine has been going since I saw your first post on your sifter find. I am going to make one with a galvanized bucket that I found a Lowes. I'm just playing with the idea of making it look rusty or spray painting it with some texturized paint. That's todays project! Thanks for the inspiration and now the gingerbread man to boot!! :-)

  17. Awesome! I can just about smell gingerbread baking in the oven...warm on the counter... mmmmmmmmm

  18. I've pinned this post to my Christmas board on Pinterest - don't want to lose it! blessings, marlene