Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday Fun…

On Sunday we went to the College of the Desert Street Fair…lots to see and do…P1160034

Unlike most open-air markets of this kind, this is a fundraiser that benefits the College of the Desert.  Each booth pays a fee to the College as a form of rent. These funds are then put to good use in the form of student scholarships, financial aid, school projects and campus programs.  Every University should do this!!


Every Saturday and Sunday the merchants set up their booths and sell their wares in the parking lot of the College.


The Fruits and Vegetables are wonderful…so fresh!


You just couldn’t pass these booths without buying some strawberries and asparagus and raisins and tomatoes…wish out little fridge was bigger…


And the smells…heavenly!!


Can you imagine setting this up every Saturday and Sunday?


These caught my eye…they are called Water Balls and are in the shape of eyeballs, pigs, goldfish, soccer balls, yellow duckies ..etc.


You throw them and they splat and stick…see the splat in the lower left…and then slowly..


..they resume their shape.


Presto…disgusting and great fun!  I bought seven!  I know…there’s a sucker in every crowd!!


This lady was having her Skechers cleaned…they came out looking like new…so I HAD to buy some of this cleaner…hopefully my Skechers will look like new again too!


I told Molly and Rylie that if they weren’t good puppies then mommy was going to trade them in for a pair of these…they were not impressed!Dog faceDog faceBut they were VERY good and performed for all the people who kootchy kooed them!!


Then it was home again to do a little mindless sewing before dinner…on my secret project…enough said!


Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Those splats would be terrific fun for the kids......great Christmas stocking stuffers.
    I agree that is what all colleges should do to raise extra money...it sure looked like fun to wander thru.

  2. That is a fun market and I love those splats, lol. I have seen something like that, but just blob shapes, those would make fun stocking stuffers.


  3. I LOVE traveling with you! What a great market. I would so buy a bunch of those splat characters. We'd have a ball with them around my house.

  4. Looks like there was something to interest everyone at the fair. How's the wrist action going with the spatters and stickers?

  5. I've not visited in you a while, and right now, after reading of all your travels and posts, I am exhausted! You must be made of iron, with all the driving, setting up, visiting, sewing, quilt shops, etc!!! I kinda am intrigued with those Splat things. Thanks for the tour of many areas!!!

    Word verification as "paterpin" -- sounds like something you'd name a pet! LOL

  6. the splats would be a ton of fun!!!..now as for the secret project?...looks like you have a great view out the window!!

  7. That is a great idea for colleges! I love walking around those street fairs!

  8. Crazy Silly splats! Great pictures looks like a great way time.

  9. Ok I sooooo want one of those now!