Friday, March 11, 2011

The Hop from Hell…

Nine quilters left the Sands on our annual Spring Fling Shop Hop…4 quilters were in Doris’ car and 5 in Deb’s truck.  Now Deb is new to our group…passing through after Snow birding in Mexico.  When she heard about the HOP she volunteered to drive as our normal driver, Gwen, just had surgery and couldn’t go. 

Here’s Deb pulling up in her black truck to pick up Pauline and I…


After Deb put the address into her GPS, we toodled off down the FREEWAY heading for our first stops in Calimesa…to the Busy Bee and the Quiet Mouse Quilt Shops.  Doris has GPS too but is going to follow us..

Let me tell you Deb’s GPS must not like quilters or Quilt Hops because she did her darnedest NOT to get us there…or to get us there but to take the longest possible route!  She had us going to places that we didn’t even know existed!!  At first it was funny…but hey she was cutting into our valuable shopping time!  Deb was incredible..kept our spirits up…told jokes…and was very funny…what a wonderful lady…but hey…it’s about her GPS!!

By the third shop Doris and her crew were abandoning us!  They told us to follow them!  Which we should have done but…well…you know how women are…so add a few extra ‘sightseeing hours’ onto our Shop Hop trip…

Now we are heading home…going down the I-10 for Home…tired but happy with our purchases…and with her GPS glaring at us the rest of the way..hahaha WE KNOW the way home!  Gradually the road gets really bumpy and we jokingly say… “Man with a road this bumpy how can you tell when you get a flat tire?” …well we found out HOW you can tell!  A trucker honks at you and points at your wheel!! #@$%!! 

Deb did a wonderful job of pulling the truck over…with cars whizzing all over the place!!  She got out of her truck to check and we knew when a certain word came out of her mouth that the news was not going to be good!

We also knew we couldn’t stay there…so with a little air left in the tire  we limped the car down an off ramp, pull way over and put on our emergency flashers….

NOW WHAT?  We discussed our options.  Ann, our Girl Scout, had a phone and an AAA Road Service Card so she got on the line and while she was explaining our situation a little red sports car pulled up!!  Good Samaritan or Mugger??  ‘Five Canadian women go missing in California’ flashed through my mind!  (I really need to stop watching CSI)!  So clutching our bags of fabric, we got out of the truck!  If I’m going down the fabric will break my fall!!  Or maybe I can barter with fabric…the mugger may be a quilter… hey you never know…he may have a sensitive side!!


This big muscular, tattooed man gets out of his red car and another man stays in his passenger side.  YIKES!  I of course bring out my camera…and start snapping…just in case I need evidence!!  Good thing I watch CSI…:o)

To make a long story short…the good News is…the big muscular, tattooed man ended up being a Good Samaritan…yes, they are alive, well and living in California!  Here he is under the truck…P1120056

…looking…the Bad News is he didn’t know how to get at our spare so off he went…

As he pulls away a little white truck stops and two men sit watching us…like sharks lurking in the water…yup I took their picture too!!

Soon the tow truck arrives and we swoon like damsels in distress and our white knight eats it up!!  Hallelujah we are SAVED!!


Twenty minutes later our new tire is on…


… we said good-bye to our Knight..


and headed back to the Sands…by this time it was dark and too late for the last two quilt shops!  Which was OK with me!! 

Thanks Deb…for one Spring Fling Shop Hop that we will NEVER forget.  I think I would be asking for a new GPS for my birthday…or maybe for Mother’s Day??  Whatever comes sooner…

What about the SHOPS?  Well you are going to have to wait to see them tomorrow…I’m going back to bed! 

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. OMG... I am laughing hysterically and my hubby is wondering what is up... that is such a funny story. I just returned from a retreat and we got lost because the lady giving us directions had gone the day before and used her GPS...we got hopelessly lost... BOO for GPS...

  2. Never a dull moment with you Paulette!! My last quilt group trip to Sisters involved Good Samaritans, a large white flat bed tow truck and hunky tow truck driver, a game of cards at his kitchen table and 2 extra days in Sisters, OR for the driver of the dead van!

  3. Oh, what a funny story. When you mentioned getting out of the truck with your fabric bag, I thought you might have been going to exchange it for your life! What a day!

  4. Well, you can't say it was boring...glad all ended well...and to know that there are people who will stop.

  5. It sounds more of an adventure that anything. And you're still alive. I'd be right there along side you, thinking everyone was a criminal rather than a good samaritan. But it was funny while I was reading it. Stuff like that makes for a long, tiring day. Enjoy the sunshine and maybe you'll get to the other quilt shops another day. Oh, before I forget, if you want a GPS, make sure it's not the same brand as Deb's.

  6. Well, what an excursion! At least you have a great topic of conversation!! but hey, how WAS the shopping? Are you going to show what you got?

    Have a great weekend.

  7. SO glad to hear all ended well. Although while reading it I must admit I found it hysterically funny! What a great campfire story.
    Can't wait to see what you found besides men!

  8. Oh my! If it is any comfort my GPS likes to play mean little tricks on me too. I swear I hear it laughing at me. Now lets see your fabric buys!

  9. oh that sounds like a lot of fun. she might just check her settings on the GPS (fastest route, no highways etc) What a memorable day! can't wait to see your purchases

  10. just made my evening sorry but had to..I so can relate...LOLOL...but that would be one yous will never forget....and glad yous all made it back with your treasures... have a good sleep...and hope tomorrow will bring you more good memories...

  11. I cant stop laughing! my cant got scared and ran away! Im picturing you clutching your camera and ha ha ha taking pictures ha ha ha...

  12. You can always make it sound like a great time!

  13. Never a dull moment with your quilting friends! Don't be surprised if some of us show up at your Wednesday meetings. You make them sound like such fun.

  14. Wow! What a day. Full of laughter, fun and yes a little anxiety. :)

    It's good to know there are still good people out there to help and it's good you thought to use your camera! :)

    I'm glad your knight in shining armor showed up. I would have swooned with relief when I saw him too, if I were there. ha ha :)

    God bless and keep you!

  15. sounds like it was pretty darn exciting!! 'desert quilting gals' know how to have a good time!!!

  16. That sounds like quite an adventure. You're making me laugh about it, but ... were you laughing at the time?

  17. Haha - I'd like to see the sharks try to take on five quilters armed with needles - so glad everything turned out ok!

  18. Wow, yes a trip from hell! I have heard there are different settings on the my dil's mom was always taken way out of her way when she used hers and later found out that it was set for "avoiding all toll roads"....there are many in Oklahoma! Glad you finally made it home safe and believe it or not you will laugh at this some day!

  19. A glass of wine always helps after a day like this!

  20. I think we have to have a grand day like this so that we can remember when we have it good. I am glad that you are all safe.