Sunday, November 6, 2011


Yesterday I ventured off on my own and went to Joann’s…with coupon in hand!  This year we brought the printer so that I could shop the way you NEED to shop at Joann’s! 

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores Home Page

If you don’t live in the USA then you may not know about Joann’s.  It’s a huge fabric/craft store and they sell EVERYTHING pertaining to quilting…all the gizmos and gadgets, books, batting, buttons and thread…the GO!…just to name a few….AND a lot of the stuff is on sale and in my case I had a coupon for 25% off everything I bought…even things already on sale!

SEWWW…want to see the ‘stuff’ that I bought…?


Two ONE YARD bundles of off white wool…which I found in the Remnant Bin..all remnants were half price and then with my coupon.. meant that they were less than $10 each! SCORE! These are going to be perfect for dyeing!!P1160026

All you Canadian Quilters better sit down for this one…because you know how expensive Warm and Natural Batting is in Canada…WELL at Joann’s it was on SALE for $7.98 a yard and then with my 25% off coupon meant I got it for $6 a yard!!  I got 6 yards of it and was kicking myself for not getting more!  But my little trailer can only hold so much…(must buy more before we leave!!)


All of Joann’s Fall Stuff was 70- 90% off ~ practically of course this little guy came home with me!!  See how the body of the pumpkin is braided orange and green homespun…dang cute!  Besides Thanksgiving is still around the corner…yup ANOTHER turkey dinner for me!!  Surprised smile


Of course I ventured into the book department…this is the QUILTING SECTION!!  Yowzers!!  I always feel like such a country bumpkin when I go to Joann’s!  I’m sure they could hear my squeals throughout the store..I could almost hear the staff saying “Yup she’s back!”


So no sales here…but I HAD to look…WHAT’s THIS!!!  Look closely…do you see IT? 


SEE it NOW??  Yup, our little Quilt Sue has hit the BIG TIME!!  Look she is up there sitting right beside Kaffe Fasset!  Doesn’t get any bigger than that!!


I felt like shouting to all the quilters around me… “BUY this BOOK!!”  but I didn’t!  I did however casually mention to the lady beside me, also perusing books, that I KNOW Sue Abrey!!  Sheesh…no response but she did quickly moved to notions…


So there you have it…My FIRST of many trips to JoAnn’s!!  I’m sure my printer will be VERY busy in the next 4 months and 3 weeks!!

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

P.S.  Joann’s is OPEN on Sundays!!  Just sayin’…


  1. Eeek! I've been out of the loop. I need to go get Sue's book. Maybe I can talk the kids into a trip to JoAnn's later today. :) Congratulations on all your good finds!

  2. You have a better jo anns than we do, no wool here.
    I will have to check next time I am in, maybe they got more.


  3. Good job on the white wool. I am going today to purchas black wool as I have my 40% off coupong PLUS the 25% off everything....can you hear me? WAHOOOOOO..


  4. I hope that your DH doesn't read this. I think that you could fit a bunch of that warm and natural between the mattress and box springs, just sayin'.lol

  5. I did a fair amount of damage to my credit card there yesterday myself. The extra 25% off was just too darn good to pass up!

  6. You done good P and only how many hours have you been there? I can't wait to see where you go next and the great deals you'll find.

  7. Wow! Your Joanne's is much nicer than the one here! Lucky you! :0)

  8. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm lucky to have a several great Joanns around me & I'm a regular (several times a week) in the one closest to my house. So much temptation.

    Have you checked out Beverly's Fabrics? When I lived in CA (eons ago) they were my go to shop.


  9. Great score, Paulette. especially on the batting. I used to buy my batting at Wal-Mart, but haven't been there recently, so don't know if they still carry fabric, batting, etc. Can't wait to see where you will be shopping next.

  10. Funny! You go girl - single handedly keeping the USA economy alive and well. The scene at the bookstand cracks me up!

  11. smoking hot deals you got!! the little pumpkin!!..maybe Mr. Sweet Pea with have to give up some of that outside storage space for your 'good deals'!!

  12. When you are ready to come home go to Joann's and get a a new bolt of batting with your 40% off is considered "one cut".

    I did that with a bolt of 90" muslin. Glad I live just across the border from Bellingham Washington where there is a huge store with lots of goodies.

  13. Hi Paulette,
    Make sure you get on Joann's mailing list while your in the Sand's, They always have a 40% off coupon in their flier and on the notions wall (50% off) are packages of Light Steam a Seam 2 for your wool applique! I love Joann's!

  14. Hello !
    I live in Paris-FRANCE, and I know JoAnn because we go to USA on holidays !
    I can tell you that you are so so lucky to have such a good store like this one !!!

    I love your pumpkin !

  15. I'm jealous of the wonderful prices! I'me heading down south in February to visit my mom, a "snow bird"...will have to pack an empty suitcase, as if I need more fabric! Maybe, Paulette, you could just fill that RV of yours and travel around Canada when you return delivering little fabric bundles!
    Enjoy the shopping!

  16. Ok so do you have a smart phone? Because there is a Joanns app where you get the coupons on your phone!! Also if you are a teacher sign up for additional 15% off card on all coupon items, even sale items. Or if you are a guild memeber you can get a 10% discount card. I always check the remenents bin cause the deals are great!

  17. Shopping day was definitely a success.
    Even if we have to pay for postage to Australia, it is still cheap shopping even without vouchers.

  18. Sometimes I wonder if I should just have my paycheck directly deposited into a JoAnn's account. I'm surprised that businesses don't have this option yet. Ha ha. Happy shopping! Great finds!

  19. I was there on Friday...with a 40% off coupon, cause I didn't realize I needed red thread when it was 50% off...and also with my 25% off coupon, which I used on some purse making accessories, which were already 30% off. =) I should stay far away from there.

    Did you notice the Pellon 100% Cotton batting? I bought some last sale. It was less expensive than the warm and natural, and I got an extra 10%, so I figured I'd give it a try. Just a pointer.

  20. Welcome to the USA Paulette! To us quilters here in the US, JoAnn's is old hat, glad to hear you enjoyed it and will be going back. Keep a watch for those 40% off coupons!!

  21. yep, I make frequent trips to Joann's with coupons. There is always something I "need" `lol~

  22. With all the coupons you will have...Mr P will not be able to drive your motorhome home..... it will be too heavy with fabric and such....but if you go and register for their email you will receive a 50% coupon. I get one every once in a while and it is good for 1 item and I use it for the warm and natural batting and I buy 10 yards at a time. And I asked them for one of the big cardboard tubes that was empty and I roll the batting on it and cover with a big plastic bag and stand it in a closet corner.

  23. Heyy look, that's ME!!!!

    Joann's looks fabulous, I wish we had them here - what great discounts they offer.