Saturday, November 12, 2011

Off to the Calico Horse!!

If you love Civil War Fabric then you NEED to go to this shop!  It’s located in Redlands, California…about 45 minutes West on I-10 from Palm Springs!!  Worth the drive…just ask my husband!! :-)

An inviting entrance greets you and entices you into the shop…


Don’t you love the feeling that you get when you enter a Quilt Shop that you love!!  Your heart kind of jump starts and you kind of glaze over as you wander from display to display…I think you have to be a quilter to understand this…  Or do men feel this way when they enter Future Shop or a Home Depot?  Nahhh…


Rows and rows and rows…of gorgeous Civil War Fabric….

From the entrance..this is the left side of the shop…


..middle of the shop…


And right of the shop…Nice doesn’t do it justice!


Ohhhh…I want to go back!!  The displays are all wonderful…

Look at these flags made out of yoyos…the bottom flag is made of yoyos the size of quarters and in the top one they are smaller than dimes..ity bitty yoyos…so adorable!



And Fall displays throughout the shop…and stunning quilts!!


I love this one…simple but incredible!


And love the sweet framed wool pumpkin and blackbird…


A Civil War Twister…LOVE it!!


Exquisite Quilts in the  classroom…


Veteran's Day display…


Even a small wool display with patterns!! 


Bet you are wondering what I bought!?  Several times I had to put things back as I had to remind myself WHY I was here…for the Civil War Fat Quarter Sale…remember 33% off!

Here’s my Goody Bag…


Trick or Treat…looks like candy..quilter’s style!!


One wool a new designer called Buttonwillow Designs..very cute pillow.


And some CW FQs….I needed browns, blacks and beige shirting…


And here they are without their wrappers…gorgeous aren’t they?  And at $1.88 EACH I’m asking myself why didn’t I buy more!!


I also bought a few FQs from the Pumpkin Patch line…


And 2 yards of half price fabric that will be great for borders/bindings.


So Seattle Judy…how’d I do??  Let’s do this all over again… only next time let’s do it together…it’s way more fun that way!  Hurry on down!

This morning we’re off to the Clubhouse for all you can eat Blueberry Pancakes plus bacon and eggs!  All this shopping has made me hungry! 

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I've ordered from that shop in the past - they have some fabulous projects. I'll get there - someday. LOL

    Love your loot!!!!

  2. Thanks for this info. I am going to be in Palm Springs in January and this is definitely on my list of places to go.

  3. WOW! What a wonderful quilt shop---looks as though you did some serious shopping!!! Have fun with your goodies!

    :) Carolyn

  4. looks like you had a fun time shopping! I love wandering around quilt shops too...and somehow can never seem to leave empty handed!

  5. What a fabulous shop!! I think it would be so hard to go there. Cause I love all the CW fabric and the samples are gorgeous!! What fun :-)

  6. Your selections are wonderful. How in the world did you control yourself?????

  7. I can see the economy improving since you arrived in California..I am sure all the shopkeepers are most thankful that SweetP has arrived!!!!

  8. Breakfast sounds yummy!! I'm off to Christmas Chaos - Handmade Hugs is having a table. Apparently we have made a ton of awesome things, hope they all sell.

  9. 1.88 for FQ's? They're running $2.89 here now, that's a steal.

  10. What fabulous choices you made. Thanks for the tour of the shop. I've truly been inspired to haul out all my Civil War fabric and get to work. Enjoy your breakfast, it sounds delicious.

  11. WOW that's a wonderful shop and thanks for the eye candy. I'm thinking why didn't you buy more, lol - that's a great price :)

    Hugs - Karen

  12. Great way to spend the day and lots of goodies to play with, my kind of trip.


  13. Didn't realize you had a quilting blog! Now signed up! I just might have to relegate all my yarn to the bays so I can find a place to stash quilt fabric! don't tell Eldy! :-) I've already got a bay full of yarn tubs!

  14. Wow! What a great trip!~ love all your finds! And yes, why didn't you get a few more? LOL I have to tell you, after your post about your trip to JoAnn's and finding wool in the clearance, I had to check~ and I found a big piece of black! Whoohoo!! Thanks for pointing me there! :-)

  15. Looks like a great time!! Glad hubby thought that 45 was worth it...LOL

  16. Very nice shop!! Looks like you're having a ball!!:) Enjoying all the pictures you're sharing!