Thursday, November 3, 2011

On The Road Again….

NoteWhere’s Willie when you need him?Note

Yesterday was a long haul…over eight hours of driving before we arrived at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, CA.

This is the skyline of Sacramento…home to Gran and Kim…I gave them both a shout out and a wave as we sailed by…


Look at that blue sky…and SUNSHINE!!  Good thing I dressed in layers…because by the time we stopped for the day the temperature was 25C!  (Geeze…I am going to have to get with the program…I need to think Fahrenheit now!  Fahrenheit and YARDS…not metres!!  That’s a dead give away that you are a Snow Bird..when you ask for metres instead of yards!!)

So last night we stayed nestled in amongst the orange trees…but alas…the oranges were all green! 


Last time we were here in January and the oranges were orange and juicy…the park gives you orange pickers and you can pick as many as you want! Not so this time…Sad smile

But that’s OK…my friend Sandy and her husband, Garry are coming through in January and I have already sent her specific instructions…

I would like THIS one right here!


Did I mention that there are about a thousand orange trees?  I think Sandy is up to the challenge…don’t you? 

I’ll keep you posted!!

So today we are off to Desert Hot Springs!! 

WHAT!!??  You mean we are almost there already??  It’s surprising how fast a trip can go when you stitch and listen to Audio books…I can’t wait to get back on the road…I’m at an exciting part!!  Sure hope I finish the book by the time I get to The Sands or I will have to sit in the truck until it’s done!! 

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. enjoy the drive!!..hard to believe that you will be there this afternoon!!..have a safe trip and enjoy the 'view'!!

  2. Soon you'll stop asking hubby, "are we there yet?" LOL

    I got a visual of you sitting in the truck after you've reached your destination. LOL

  3. You're getting here fast! We are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow, so you might have liquid sunshine when you arrive.

  4. Good thing you found that Quilt store in Corning.......It gave you the stamina to travel for 8 hours. That was a long has been fun to follow your adventures.

  5. You can see the building where I work in your picture. I'm there now. Too bad I didn't know you were passing through, I would have waved! LOL. Glad you are enjoying your trip :) Audiobooks sure do make time fly!

  6. Wander if those oranges are anything like'green tea'. Guess you didn't try it though?!? Drive safe. L

  7. I remember when we were in florida, you could pretty much get oranges from most places, nothing like a fresh orange.


  8. Looks like your trip is moving along quickly. I laughed at the need to change from the metric system. That's my biggest hiccup whenever we visit the states - trying to remember the different temperatures, and ordering fabric by the yard. My you,it doesn't stop me buying fabric!

  9. Paulette, it is so nice that you are sharing your days with us! Sure hope that orange is still there for your friend to pick! Take care!

  10. How cool is that- you get to pick the oranges right where you camp!! Too bad they're still green and hopefully your friend will be stopping by to pick you some! :)

  11. Well, be glad for the 25C, it's been down to freezing temps the last few nights here in Washington! Winter is kicking in! Aaargh!

  12. I can see you are having a fun drive...quilt shops, books on tape, handwork. I sure miss tree ripened oranges (we used to live in California).

  13. Have a great trip! Looks like you passed by me too!!!