Sunday, October 31, 2010

Salmon for Dinner?

Not yesterday…that’s for sure!  On our way to Victoria, we stopped off at Goldstream Park to see the annual Salmon run.  It was a gorgeous Fall day ~ perfect for a walk through the trails.  Also perfect for watching the Salmon spawn..

Let me give you a little quick lesson in “mating salmon”…the female moves her tail back and forth moving the gravel and silt at the bottom of the creek. When she gets her nest just right, she lays her eggs…oops I failed to mention that stud Salmon (the male) is right beside her protecting her as she does this.  So as she lays her eggs he sprays them with milt (sperm) to fertilize them.  They wave their tails to cover the eggs with the gravel and silt…then they swim off and die!  So romantic!!  (It sucks to be a Pacific Salmon as they die whereas the Atlantic Salmon get to return back to the Ocean for more fun and adventure.)  The neat part is…yes there is a neat part… salmon always return to the same river/creek where they hatched.  Incredible isn’t it! They migrate thousands of miles and then when ‘it’s their time’ they return to the same river.  Moral of the story~ there’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME!  image

If you click on this picture you can see the salmon better.

So NO we didn’t have salmon for dinner!!  (I also failed to mention that the stink from the rotting salmon is not pleasant…but part of the experience! :o))

On the quilting front…I managed to squeeze in a very ‘quick’ trip to the Quilt Shop…where I found some binding fabric for my Peter/Paul quilt….



I also bought two metres of this Buggy Barn fabric…perfect Fall fabric..

P1100464 go towards my Fall stash…for ‘someday’…


I still had 10 minutes to spare (hubby wasn’t back from his errands) so I hustled over to the Thrift Shop, which is right next to the Cloth Castle…!!  I managed to find two good books…P1100463 ..before  I was tracked down!

So before I leave, in honour of Halloween, I’d like to share a picture of my one and ONLY Fall quilt…which I made last year….P1030372  P1030374 P1030366       HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Have a spectacular spooky Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a great story and picture of the salmon! Your new fabric is great! I love your fall quilt! It is wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a perfect quilt for the fall.


  3. Cute fall quilt. I love that binding fabric! Oh, is that gonna look good or what!
    I saw wonderful quilts yesterday at the quilt show here. Also, got talked into doing a BOM with my friend. Should be fun!

  4. Does that mean that Pacific salmon only live for 1 year? Thanks for the info....did not know all of that.
    Love your quilt and the binding fabric is just right!

  5. I'd love to see the salmon in person! But not smell them, lol. Love the fabric you picked for the binding, that's perfect! And your fall quilt is WONDERFUL!

  6. The fall quilt is wonderful! You are going to love Lovely BOnes...There is a movie out too.

  7. The fall quilt is lovely. Oh I have got Lovely Bones too but not read it yet. Have also read quite a few of Jodi Picoult but not that one. We have seen the Salmon come back home to have their babies when we were on holiday in Scotland, it's quite a sight to see them all.

  8. Love you Fall Quilt and the new fabric is yummy. That binding fabric will really make the quilt pop!

  9. Thanks for the salmon pic! Neat! I'm from southern New England so I've only seem them in a hatchery setting (and the grocery store!). That binding fabric is perfect! Happy Halloween to you too!

  10. I love salmon. Nature is pretty cool. Love the fabric you bought and I really liked your fall quilt. I love fall and the colors.

  11. I love the autumn fabrics you showed us and the stripey one will be a perfect binding. Are you planning another autumn quilt, or a pumpkin one with those other fabrics?

  12. The day sounds like lots of fun but I think I would pass on the smelly salmon.

  13. Oh I forgot to mention I love the Fall quilt you made last year. And the binding you picked for Peter and Paul.