Monday, October 4, 2010

Eye Candy from Boundary Bay…

I promised you yesterday that I would share a few of my favourite quilts from the Boundary Bay Quilt Show…but you know what…there were too many FAVOURITE quilts to post in one day…SEW…it might just take two days for me to share them ALL!  And believe me I was selective while I was taking pictures…which tells me that the Boundary Bay Guild has some VERY talented and creative quilters!!

I want to share MY all time NUMBER ONE favourite pick from the show first~

For such a small quilt, this little number had a lot of impact! 


Loved EVERYTHING about this quilt…the colours, the buildings, the embroidery details and the hand quilting was PERFECTION!


Around another corner….


Another stunner…I HAD to take a picture of this quilt as there is a die (that I don’t have YET) for the GO! that is available to make this quilt…and look at the border of this quilt…look at the striped piano keys…loved it!!


A kaleidoscope quilt…isn’t it gorgeous!  Stunning and HUGE!!


Another kaleidoscope that was totally different yet effective!


I figured the guild must have had a workshop on how to make these leaf quilts…loved them all!  AND SEW perfect for this time of year.P1100159

I would love a tutorial/workshop on how to make these leaves….anyone out in blogland know how to do it??


Another variation…. I loved the little coloured squares that this quilter used as sashing…very effective!


It’s that time of year….

P1100161   Another workshop??…these are all separate little quilts.  Do you remember this Buggy Barn Pattern…instead of making a huge quilt they made little wall hangings…LOVED them and they are SEW do-able- AND you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money into a Halloween quilt that is very sweet!P1100164

I am going to end the show with this baby/child’s quilt!!  Isn’t it INCREDIBLE!!   This quilt would be PERFECT to make with the GO! circle dies…but be warned every circle was needle turned and hand appliquéd, along with each monster!!  STUNNING!!


HOLD ON…I’m zooming in for a close up….  See the name…isn’t that a sweet touch?  I wonder how many hours are tied up into making this quilt…?   OH..Slap me!!  A quilter NEVER asks THAT question!!  WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!

P1100167        As we wandered around looking at quilts there was lovely, soft music playing in the background….       P1100182   SEW…come on back tomorrow for more quilts, music…and FUN!!     I saved some REALLY stunning quilts for Tuesday!! :o)

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P        


  1. These are really great pictures! The quilts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing

  2. I love all the quilts. I would love to know how to make those leaves also. Sew many great qults and I can't wait till tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed all the quilts-love those leaves too-maybe someone reading this knows how to make them?

  4. Lots of great quilts and patterns.
    Fun to see what is out there and finished quilts, helps when deciding on patterns.


  5. I absolutely love the house quilt. Do you know if there is a pattern??

  6. I so love to see the talent around us. Too bad there were so few vendors as they add to the show!

  7. Kathy, what show were you at? There were 13 vendors there! I thought that was pretty good considering the space limitations.

    I knew you'd love that first town square quilt, Paulette - me, too. The embroidery was beautiful and I adore all of those hourglass blocks in the centre panel.

    Those wonky leaves that were displayed in the tea area are from a pattern by Bonnie Hwang (who works at Fabricana over here). She gives a workshop on making these! Maybe your Heritage quilters could invite her over? She spoke at Lions Gate last meeting and she's adorable. And very, very talented.

  8. Amazing quilts and talented quilters for sure! I really enjoyed you sharing them with us and am looking forward tomorrow for more.

  9. What a fun baby quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  10. What awesome quilts,, I have seen that house quilt somewhere else?? It is gorgeous. Also the baby quilt,, get outtttttttttt... yummy.. colors are beautiful.. Looks like the trip was worth it.. Hugs.

  11. Isn't it always invigorating seeing such a variety of quilts at an exhibition - thanks so much for sharing. That village one is a classic and yet one that has always caught my eye and made me think "one day.....":) As for the monsters one - yep, it is pretty impressive. I know it is a design by one very clever Australian lady and you should see her other patterns....don't have her name at my fingertips unfortunately but she was featured in an Australian Homespun magazine not so long ago. Ciao

  12. The leaves quilt is called Leaves Quilt put out by a company in Surrey B.C. and their web site is I have the pattern - bought at a quilt show last year but have not done it yet. It is a small wall hanging 17"X39".

  13. Another display of lovely quilts and lots of inspiration. There's a definitely "fall" feel in the air.

  14. I love going to shows where I'm inspired by others work thank you for sharing.

  15. Your favorite quilt is mine too! So pretty and interesting. I love how the quilter quilted in the smoke coming from the chimney.

  16. The circles and monsters pattern is by Kelly at Don't Look Now!. Amazing quilt. I too love those leaves - wow!

  17. Wow, I mean is there really an other suitiable word? Those are amazing and my brain can hardly bend around the details of the baby toddler quilt. My oh my - just lovely.

  18. Wowsa! Sweet eye candy! I love the Halloween Sue and the Circle Monsters the best. Too cute!

  19. Wow! Thanks for the online show. But boy, I about died when I read that all those circles were appliqued on! That is one awesome quilt!

  20. I love the Winding Ways quilt. As for the Leaves, I have now got a pattern for a lap quilt which looks to use the same technique, which I am planning to have a go at soon.

  21. What wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us!

  22. I have the pattern set for the Village Scene quilt but have never made an effort to start it. I enjoyed seeing the one you show.

    The witch quilt is cute as can be.

  23. Thanks for all the photos.
    That kid's quilt is stunning. So much love and work put into it

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  24. These are really great thanks for sharing
    Hugs Janice