Friday, October 29, 2010

We Are SEW IN…

…all 70 of us!!  Come and join the fun!  It’s our Friday Night Sew In…make it number 71! 


You’re going to be sewing anyways…What’s that you say?..You have a LIFE? 

Well..SEW do we!!  Don’t we?

“Yeah!!”…said all 70 of us!

Click on my sidebar’s Friday Night Sew-in Button to join in on the fun!  Hope you have a darn good life!!  :o)


  1. Earlier today I was wondering when the next one was and actually wished it was tonight...dang it I should have checked! I'm getting ready to hit the sack soon--next month I must check. It's not every Friday is it?

  2. Hope you got lots done while i am not joining in it still must be lots of fun
    Hugs Janice