Thursday, October 28, 2010

If all else fails…fire up the GO!

Yesterday I got busy making a table topper to put on top of the electric Fire Place in our 5th Wheel.  The Fire Place is right by the door as you enter the  trailer. Here’s a picture…see the door on the left.


Now if your husband is anything like mine, he feels the need to empty his pockets the minute he enters the house…and this includes the 5th wheel!…I just know the top of the fire place is going to be the place where everything gets tossed…you know keys, coins, screws, gadgets and gizmos…whatever…So It really needs something like a table topper to protect it from the ‘elements’!

I found a cute pattern from the Fat Quarter shops FREE pattern site~ tons of nice patterns designed by top quilting designers.  (Check it out-later!) This one was designed by Marcus Brothers.  (Oooops…guess I put my ice water on top of the pattern!) But it’s a cute quilt pattern none the less…don’t you think? (If you click on the Fat Quarter Shop, you can make a copy for yourself-without the water stain!)


Anyways I found a nice Charm Pack in my stash by Blackbird Designs called Old Fashioned Charmed.  Got it cut out, sewed the half square triangles and then laid them out to see what it looked like so far....  Blah…didn’t do anything for me!!  Looked like the beginnings of a baby quilt..


…SEW…I put it away for another day…when a baby quilt is needed!!


And SEW…I started again!!

This was a JOB for…(Hero Music inserted here…) the Trusted GO! I pulled out some fabric from my stash, fired up the GO!, cranked up the music and within an hour WE had created these stacks!!  (I know…enough to make a king size quilt!!…couldn’t stop the GO!)P1100457

  Now this is more like it!!  Definitely NOT a baby’s quilt!!  P1100453   So it’s all systems…GO!  (I couldn’t resist!:o)P1100456

Guess what I’ll be doing today…:o)  Ahhh, life is good! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That will be lovely in your trailer, and YES my hubby is the same. He empties his pockets on the table, counter, island, dresser and even the window ledge at the back door!! Drive mes crazy!

  2. That 5th is going to be "Home Sweet P Home" by the time your ready to head South!

  3. I have the same problem, my husband drops his junk all over the house. They don't seem to get it, lol.
    Love the new piece, I need a go so I can do more piecing.


  4. I think the problem with the Old Fashioned Charmed is the baby pink and blue - try substituting a deep blue-purple (think eggplant!) or black, coffee color, or maybe a raspberry! I love the star block you did, though!

  5. Love the pattern & I have a Christmas charm pack waiting to be used. Thaks. I like the stars you did also

  6. WEll, it's a good thing to get a start on a quilt... =)

    Love the Go Star! It's coming together beautifully.

    And my hubby isn't the norm...he doesn't empty his pockets everywhere...he hates stuff out of place.

  7. Love the star block. Which cutters does this use? Is it another free pattern?

  8. A 5th wheel with a fireplace. Now how neat is that. How long is the 5th wheel to accomodate all that?

  9. My husband does the same thing first thing after coming home. I can see why you' want to protect your beautiful fireplace.

    I love both blocks but prefer the 2nd one. I love that you used such a variety of background fabric.

  10. I've only gotten to use my Go! a couple of times since I got it last week but I'm loving it - am cutting and organizing my scrap bin. Great idea for your fireplace! blessings, marlene

  11. Gorgeous fabrics in both the quilts.
    I love what you are using for the 'new' one though

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  12. Love it - and good idea! Thanks for the link, too!

  13. I lurve the new block, and totally see what you mean about the first ones but I think adding the borders will make quite a difference - that's just my not-so-humble opinion of course. Oh and guess what Bertha's going to play with today I hope?

  14. Love this!!! It's one of my favorite blocks!!! Did you use the value die to make this one?