Friday, October 8, 2010

A Beef and a Brag….

I just wanted to share a bit more about this Canadian magazine, Quilter’s Connection.  It is just a new born in comparison to other quilting magazine (being just over a year old)…and I must say every issue gets better and better!! 


I was thrilled with this Fall’s issue…do you see the Homespun Harvest table runner with WOOL appliqué on the cover! LOVE it! 

Our local Quilt Shop just took a GIANT step backwards!  Would you believe that they sold off all their wool as they say there is no interest in wool or wool projects!  YIKES! I say horse feathers!!  I think for there to be an interest in anything the shops and magazines have to promote it.  I am so happy to see that Quilter’s Connection Magazine has jumped on the the Wool Bandwagon! 

While travelling down the west coast into southern California and New Mexico last winter, the one thing that I REALLY noticed (as a wool lover) was how every Quilt Shop carried a huge supply of wool, wool patterns, books and had wonderful displays of wool quilts and pennies for us to see and touch! THAT is what a Quilt Shop has got to do to promote a product!  They also have to have Wool appliqué workshops…so COME on ALL quilt shops- especially Canadian Quilt Shops- get with it!! 

Whew…there I have said my bit…Got my ‘beef’ out of the way!! ;o)

Now let me show you this wonderful table runner…sweet isn’t it…and so easy!!  And designed by a Canadian designer…Cheryl Wall of “Country Quilts”!  I LOVE her patterns and books!!  Check out her website…you will be pleasantly surprise…but be warned you may end up ordering something!!


Now…like a proud mama…I HAVE GOT TO SAY…that I let out a scream when I saw this pretty, YOUNG face staring back at me as I was flipping through this magazine!!…Do you recognize her?  YUP, it’s our own Krista from POPPYPRINTS BLOG!!  I KNEW that she was young and pretty and nice and very talented but who knew that she was FAMOUS too!!  Do you see her runner above her?  Her pattern is featured in this issue in all its Fall splendor!!  Well done, Krista!


You can read ALL ABOUT her…after you buy your own copy of Quilter’s Connection…..OR you could win this issue!!  See YESTERDAY’S POST for my current give away!! 

Now go and visit Krista’s blog and wish her a big, huge CONGRATS!!  How thrilling for her…and for us!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. We do not have any wool in shops here in Florida! I was able to purchase three little fat quarters when I was in Paducah a couple of years ago. But down here it's cotton or flannel. The flannel is mostly for the snowbirds that reside here 6 months out of the year, cuz us Floridians don't do flannel ;-)

  2. STOP IT, you're making me blush!! Actually, it's ok, don't stop. It's amazing to have your enthusiastic support, Paulette. You're the best!!!
    (I wouldn't go as far as famous just yet, but a girl can dream)....and I bet you love that pattern because there is WOOL in it, right?

  3. It is hard to find a quilt shop with wool in my part of Florida. A local shop started carrying wool felt pieces. I would even settle for wool kits if nothing else.

  4. I love the fall runner and have always loved cheryl's designs. Runners and wool are a must;)


  5. It's hard to find a quilt shop or a wool shop in the part of France I live in. The fabric shops are few and far between and if they have any quilting fabric it's usually a very small part of the shop, usually tucked in a corner.... depressing.... LOL

  6. I have noticed that many quilt shops have a particular focus....with some it repro fabrics, with another it is brights, or soft and pretty....depends on what the owner likes and what sells in a particular area, I suppose.

  7. My LQS is just starting to bring in wool because the demand is growing. And you're absolutely right in what you say, have to create the need by having samples on display. Most of us are visual and to be able to touch and feel as well is only an added bonus.

  8. Not sure if we will see that magazine here but will keep an eye out for it. I have tried my luck in the give away.Even if I am not ready for Christmas I have plenty of time to prepare for autumn next year!

  9. I love the runner with pumpkins and gourds! very nice magazine!

  10. Looks like a great magazine Paulette, congrats to Krista! Sorry to hear your shop is not carrying wool now....but hey, there's always online shopping, right?

  11. It's a shame when local shops don't seem to realise just what trends are happening out there isn't it? Thank Crunchie for the internet!

  12. With all the wool projects offered by the designers of the Fall-O-Ween blog hop I was thinking now is the time to try one of them. I really like the wool look and I will be buying some to go with the small collection in my stash. I've never worked with wool....I should probably take a class and just do it......There is a great shop in South Lyons Michigan that used to carry a lot of wool, hope they still do. I haven't been to Lake Street Mercantile in a while and would be really surprised if they were to sell off their wool. They offer classes......once this Fall-into-Fall give away is over I'll have more time to think about a new project. Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Congratulations to Krista. I have her original from a swap we participated in last year.