Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This….

Do you remember when I wrote about this little quilt from the Boundary Bay Quilt Show…?  I asked the Blogging World if anyone knew what the pattern was called…welllll…to make a long story short…I heard from Rita (no blog) and not only did she share the name of the pattern BUT….


…She actually MAILED me her pattern!  Isn’t it wonderful when complete strangers do random acts of kindness!!  It just bowls me over!!  Rita said she had already made another pear project and didn’t think she would ever make this one…how sweet is Rita!!  So THANK YOU so much Rita!!  I love this pattern and will put it to good use!!


As you can see (despite the glare!) the pattern is called Creme Bartlett by Bella Nonna!

Testing out the RV~continued…

So far the RV has not self destructed, despite our best efforts! :o)It’s comfy, cozy and more importantly EVERYTHING works…whew!!

Yesterday we took in the local sights…and went on two hikes!  The first one was through Cathedral Grove which is on the way to Port Alberni.  There are well kept trails through old growth red cedars…massive trees over 800 year old in our West Coast Rain Forest setting.  It was dark, dank and chilly but outside of the forest it was a gorgeous sunny day.


Here is my husband ‘casually posing’ beside a huge redwood cedar…so that you can see how really big these trees are…and the mutts seem to be enjoying the smells…that’s 800 years of…well…we won’t go there!


This tree is so rotted out that it looks like it is standing on legs…next big wind storm should topple this tree.  At the entrance to the park there is a huge sign saying ‘DO NOT ENTER THIS PARK ON A WINDY DAY’…hmmm…they seem to know what they are talking about!!


I love this ‘tree’…it is really the skeleton of a dead tree covered with moss!!  Imagine having this tree in your living room for Christmas!


This is a picture of Cameron Lake…just outside of Parksville…isn’t the reflection stunning!


Then it was off to Little Qualicum Falls…we hiked a bunch of trails following the Little Qualicum River which loops up and around with bridges at the top and bottom of the river.  It took us a good hour and a half…beautiful scenery and great exercise!


I got a little creative while waiting for my husband to catch up…he takes FOREVER to take a picture! :o)


Once back at the RV Resort I dropped my husband and dogs off and went on a trek of my own…straight to the SOS!  If you ever find yourself in Parksville you have GOT to go to the SOS as it is the best Thrift Shop ever!!  Two floors of wonderful, glorious junk!! ha ha!  I ended up spending $26 and got a whole new summer wardrobe for down south, a bag of embroidery floss and two toys for the dogs!!  Not bad…hey!  Got to love thrifting…!!

Give AWAY (from yesterday)~

See this lovely bundle of joy??  It could be yours…all you have to do is keep reading….


YUM!!  It’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s…and they are serving it up for FREE over at Green Fairy Quilts!!  YES, it’s a GIVE AWAY…and it’s delicious!!  Please tell them that ‘Sweet P’ sent you…ENJOY! and GOOD LUCK!!

Hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What a stunning walk. Thanks for sharing.
    Those pears do look good, no wonder you went hunting for a pattern.

  2. The pears look so yummy. Quilter's always seem to help one another out. Ya gotta love a quilter.
    Your little shake down get away looks like a fun trip. Love all the pictures you have shared with us. Beautiful parks.
    Have a safe trip home.

  3. Oh wow Paulette, what gorgeous pictures!

  4. Lovely photos! Were there pumpkins out along the road at Cathedral Grove yet?

  5. Love the pictures you shared today. You went for some amazing walks in the woods. So beautiful.

  6. ah, Such inspiration. You are making me want to get in the RV and travel you way but it is visiting the doctor. On the last trip we hit a road "gator" (tire peel) and it broke parts of the pumping and wires underneath the RV. No water pump, leaking water, and no generator. Not good. Have fun for me please.

  7. Beautiful pictures. Would love to visit your area. I love that little pear quilt too. So cute.

  8. It was a joy to read your blog today - I have had the worst day @ work and we so want to be on the road in our 5th with the dog and the sewing machine( well, I want the sewing machine, it for sure weighs less than someone's tool box !) So I imagined myself walking those trails, the smells, the dogs enjoying life(smells) and good fun. - thanks!

  9. That park is so beautiful, love the walkways and falls.
    We had rain and thunder today, not a good day to be out.


  10. That was very sweet of Rita! Lovely area you're "camping" in, Paulette, and I love that moss-covered tree. Beautiful!

  11. Wow, Paulette, thank you so much for taking us along on your hike. I love the reflection!

    Love your new pattern. :-)

  12. It looks like a fantastic trip! I'd love to take some hikes with you there.

  13. Your RV looks like a great way to travel! I love Catheral Grove and the Falls. We have so much beauty at arms length don't we! Thrift shopping is sooo much fun. Looks like a cute pattern. I hope to get back at it now that our company has left and speaking of leaving when do you start your trek South?

  14. I'm glad you have the pattern now. The trees are amazing and all the scenery is beautiful, but it does look as though it was cold.
    Did you remember to take your sewing machine so you could test out the table and chairs properly?

  15. Great views of your walk! How nice that you have the pattern for the pear quilt now.

  16. Cool on the pattern!!
    Love the pictures!
    Yippie on the thrift store finds! Sweet!