Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boundary Bay Quilt show – Part 2

  If you are tired of looking at GORGEOUS QUILTS then this post is NOT for you!!  Come back tomorrow and hopefully I will be talking about my quilts which aren’t nearly as nice as these!! :o

This one was another favourite of mine~ simple but so effective…and I do love pears!!


A close-up…see how it’s been raw edged appliquéd…each pear has  been cut in half and teamed up with a lighter or darker version of the same colours…gorgeous use of colour!


I would love to make this quilt…does anyone know the name of the designer or pattern…???


This scrappy flower quilt is a buggy barn quilt…very nice!!


A log cabin in 1930’s fabrics…


A stunning appliqué…just lovely!!


You know how I love Rouenneries by French General…well look at this quilt made from this fabric!!  STUNNING!


Isn’t it lovely…P1100179

Wish I could have taken a picture of the WHOLE quilt but there was no room to stand back and get a good shot of it!!  Maybe I can glue these pictures together and make a whole quilt!! ha ha


A sweet Snowmen quilt…

P1100183 P1100184

I have a new respect for striped fabric!!  Isn’t this quilt incredible!

P1100187 I loved this quilt…hand dyed fabric and leaves…perfect!  SEW creative!


This is one sweet block from…


..this sweet quilt!


SEW cute!


I also loved this runner with birds and prairie points…

P1100198 P1100199

Another appliqued/pieced quilt…


..with the sweetest basket blocks…I seem to be hung up on baskets these days.  Do you go through these phases too….? P1100201

The quilting on this quilt made it sing!!  Look at it…doesn’t it make it POP!!


A close up…isn’t this quilting effective…and easy to do!!  Or at least it looks easy to do!! :o)


This guild has been VERY busy…look at all the charity baby quilts that they have made!!  Lucky babies!


Hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did!! Thank you to the quilters of Boundary Bay for another great show…see you in two years!! 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. beautiful eye candy. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Lovely quilts, thanks for sharing! Lizzie

  3. Paulette,
    I have this pattern (the pears) and I will mail it to you if you will email your address to me. I know you will enjoy it. I ended up making another pear wall hanging and even though I love pears, I will probably never use this pattern.

  4. Oh RITAD....Can you tell all of us the name of the pattern?

  5. I love how they used homespuns in the buggy barn quilt and i recognize the red brolly stitchery. I am doing her free kitty ones.


  6. Great quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  7. My favorite was the bird runner...does anyone know what it is? Maybe Ritad has it in her stash...lol

    Thanks for sharing! I don't get to many quilt shows so enjoy the online ones!

  8. So many nice works! Thank you for sharing them, there's lots of inspiration there!

  9. Stunning quilts! I like the pears too, and hope to see your version of it.

  10. I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging. The pattern is Creme Bartlett, Pattern No. 165 from Bella Nonna design studio. But, no I don't have the bird runner in my stash. It's cute though isn't it?

  11. Were we at the same show? Man, I think I got so busy chatting with friends and shopping that I must have missed half of the quilts! I loved the pears, too, but I didn't see that gorgeous striped X quilt at all. I agree the blooming 9-patch rouenneries is stunning! Thanks for the second look at the show!

  12. Dang - that guild is amazing! LOVE them all!

  13. Loved all the quilts , such variety! Thanks for sharing.

  14. You can also find this pattern in Stitch and Split Applique, 12 Raw-Edge Projects by Jayme Crow and Joan Segna. The book gives the details for the technique which can be applied to other shapes, too.
    Thanks for sharing photos of the lovely quilts.

  15. I'll bet the Snowmen quilt just pulled you to it. Your pictures of the quilt show nakes me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing.

  16. That snowman quilt is amazing! I could snuggle up in it right now!

  17. Love when you share photos of wonderful quilts! I see somebody has the pattern for you...I was thinking it was in a magazine. I may have another pear pattern of interest to you...got to find it. Let me know if you want me to hunt it down!

  18. I think my favourite one is the French General quilt. It is absolutely stunning. I might even give that a "shot" if I had the opportunity! How was your class?

  19. Gorgeous quilts...my favourite one is the French General quilt, and the tweetie birds runner..
    Thanks for a great show and tell.
    Julia ♥

  20. Wow, what eye candy!! I love them all but I'm really drawn to the 1930's log cabin. Log cabin is my favorite!!

  21. Thanks for sharing, I never tire of seeing such gorgeous work. Awesome..

  22. I enjoyed the show. Thanks for taking time to share the pictures. Happy quilting.

  23. I like the applique quilt with the dark background. And, of course, the prim style Jan Patek design. That's the one with the big sun.

  24. Beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  25. What beautiful eye candy. I loved seeing all those charity quilts too, how great.

  26. What great quilts! Thank you, as always, for sharing.

  27. Thanks for sharing. There aren't many quilt shows around here so it is nice when fellow bloggers take us with them to the shows.

  28. Thanks for sharing photos of these wonderful quilts! I particularly liked the '30's log cabin. First one I've seen like that.

  29. What beautiful quilts thanks for sharing
    Hugs Janice