Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vickie Put a Hex on Me!!

Do you remember this lovely little quilt?  We first saw it hanging at the Cowichan Fall Fair and most of us fell in love with it!!  I mean really…if you love hexagon quilts, you are going to REALLY love this one!! 

P1090991 Well today is our lucky day!  Vickie, the quilter who made this gem, is going to give us a tutorial on how to make one for ourselves!!

Now if you own the HEXAGON GO! die and cutter, you have got it made in the shade!  ME?…not so lucky! :o(…that die is at the top of my GO! Wish List …)  IF you own the die then you can use the medium or large hexagon to cut out your fabric…

We will do it the old fashion way….

Draw your hexagon shape onto a plastic template…use the lid of a margarine container…they work great and are easy to cut…just don’t use your good sewing scissors!!  The hexagon Vicky used measures 4 inches across but my guess is, you could try other sizes and it would work.

This is Vickie’s template…4 inches from one flat side to another…


Next cut out your fabric using your template…now place your fabric good side down…or as I would tell my Grade One students- Pretty side down to kiss the table…(make the kissing noise…smack, smack, smack…ah, come on pucker up those lips…)


Then eyeball the middle point of the hexagon…you may even want to draw a dot…you are going to fold the points of the hexagon’s corners into the middle…until you have this triangle shape…


I would give it a tap of the iron here….Now fold in the three points to the middle of the triangle…


Secure all three points with a couple of stitches and a button!  Done!! SEW EASY!!  AND SEW PRETTY!


Join the hexagons just like you would ordinary hexagons!!  Whip stitch them.


Stitch them all together until your quilt is big enough…??  I can see that making these little gems would be VERY addictive…


  Would you believe Vickie’s husband gave her this kit for Christmas last year!!  Look at the pretty tin… Yes, Vickie is a lucky woman!P1100276      Look at the pretty edges…smaller ones would make cute mug rugs except you wouldn’t be allowed to put your mug on it! :o)


Thank you SEW much, Vickie!! 

WOW!!  Look at everyone out in Blogland… scrambling…going through their recycling containers looking for margarine lids to make their templates…and those lucky few firing up their GO! machines!  Enjoy…and Vickie and I want to see your gorgeous results!!


Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Hexing!!~P


  1. I love it!!! It looks adorable!!! I'm going to try those out!!!

  2. Very cool! I'll definitely be trying this one out! :)

  3. Very nice, to be added to my list.

  4. Paulette! I was going to send you an email today to ask you about this pattern! WOW....so odd to find it here of all days! Thank you!!!

  5. I like that idea for making runners and table toppers, would give them more bulk without quilting them.


  6. Oh wow! What a cute little idea! I've got to make one of these...hmm....fall fabrics sound nice!

    Thank you for the tutorial...I need to find a hexagon template, so I don't mess up the dimensions.

    I hope it turns out as cute as hers!

  7. Thank you so much for explaing, it looks just so beautiful with those tiny buttons. You know I never made hexagons before, but this I'm going to try !!

  8. Love this. Definitely going to have a go at making a few of these, (hexagons that is not quilts LOL) My marg tubs aren't big enough....but my ice cream ones are!! What a fabulous excuse to eat all the ice cream up.

  9. I have to make that quilt. I've had an urge to make a hexagon quilt for a while. I'll raid my ( and my mum's ) button tins and I'll get some fabric cut out.

    Thanks so much for the tutorial

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  10. These are just precious! Can I use your "Put the pretty side down and kiss the table" in my pattern directions? I love it....it made me chuckle.

  11. Oh My Goodness!! That is so cool! It looks so easy, I may even be able to do that hexie version!
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  12. Love this! I think my 3 yr old can help too. (We love making kissing noises!) Thanks bunches for the tutorial. I can't help but smile all the way through!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  13. Just gorgeous! That will definitely be on my to do list!

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I definitely want to give it a try! :0)

  15. Trying to make my hexagon pattern. may have to find a commercial one. Not sure I got the dimensions right. Love this quilt! Thanks so much for sharing. it is so pretty. Love it.

  16. oh my goodness! This is awesome!

  17. Okay this is the neatest thing. I love how everything raw vanishes. It's really pretty, and just think if you had nice big hexies and took a little stitch instead of a button you'd have a beautiful baby quilt in no time.

  18. I love it...I could do that..
    Thanks Paulette..
    Julia ♥