Sunday, July 12, 2009


Score!!! My van just "happened" to stop at a Garage Sale this morning (Ok, I do love a good Garage Sale!) and look what I found. This is wool roving which I use for felting!!! What a find!!!......and guess 'how much'??? .........

It was ALL.......FREE!!!! The lady who was having the G.S. owned a yarn shop and these were samples. Who wants small scraps of wool roving? ME!!! I started felting last winter and it is fun! This is one project that I made (and gave away as a gift). You pull the wool roving apart and use the special felting needle to punch the roving right into the wool felt. That is how I formed the star, trees, bird, carrot, branch etc. It is a little hard to see but there are felt pennies on the sides. I found this pattern in a quilting magazine (can't remember which one????) I used old wool coats/jackets for the wool fabric and felted them (take them apart, wash them in hot water and then throw them in the dryer). A new use for those old wool blazers-you know the ones with the big shoulder pads.....


I haven't mentioned that we have a new puppy! Her name is Rylie and she is a cockapoo, although she looks more like a cocker......wonder what happened to the poo??? She is the sweetest puppy ever. Whenever she cuddles with me I break out into song, "Do your ears hang low...." you know, the kids' song, as she has these long, curly, cocker ears-very cute! Rylie LOVES my sewing room best-lots to get into and find. She has found things that I didn't even know I owned!!!


  1. Rylie is adorable. :-)

    Incredible score with the wool roving - have fun. I love wool but it doesn't love me.

  2. I like your ideas of recycling the blazers (I loved the big shoulder pads because I'm very pear-shaped). Have you tried the felting wash for knitted things?