Friday, July 24, 2009

Forget the heels....get out the boots!

Instead of having the traditional wedding cake, my daughter mentioned that she wanted to have an Ice Cream Sundae Table at her wedding. (It is the Groom's mother's birthday so they are also serving a big birthday cake.) At about 10pm, after dancing for a bit, they will announce that the bride and groom will don aprons (with the help of a few attendants) and scoop ice cream and the guests can put on different toppings and make their own sundaes. So I got busy making aprons for the bride, groom and attendants. Here's a picture for you to see how they turned out.
Erin wanted fun aprons but made in black......hmmmm

This is for the bride to wear. The 'R' is the groom's first initial.

This is for the Groom to wear. (You can't see the ice cream balls appliqued on the pocket). The 'E' is for his bride's first name.

I made three of these. It's hard to see the ruffle at the top but you get the idea. They look very cute on and hopefully they will help to keep their wedding finery clean.

Tomorrow is the big day....!! Today we have the wedding rehearsal, decorate the hall and have a rehearsal dinner for all the out of towners (which means everyone). I am hanging in there.....barely! ALSO did I's RAINING!!! And not just a shower but thunder and lightning and it is pouring.....YIKES! ....... stay tuned, I'll keep you posted!


  1. All the prep, wedding tomorrow and you make aprons! You're my hero.

  2. Let's hope the weather will be fine for the big day. Congratulations to the couple, have a lovely day with everything going smoothly.
    The aprons are fun and important!

  3. Those aprons are brilliant, how clever of you.

    Hope it's stopped raining and you have a great day.

  4. Adorable aprons! Enjoy the wedding and making so many wonderful memories!