Thursday, July 23, 2009

Many hands make light work....????

You MUST forgive me for not posting for a few days-we have been so busy with prep work for the BIG day. Who knew that having a wedding would be SO much work! I have two more daughters to go, too! YIKES! It has been so hot here- 30 degrees C. yesterday which really hasn't helped. My husband WITH CAMERA in hand, has been showing up right in the midst of all the action to the cries of of -"NOOOOOO -don't take my picture-I'm a mess...etc". Thought I'd post a few of these so that you could see what we have been doing.

The flower balls are ready to be hung....

The leaf stepping stones have been layed.....

The wine has been bottled......

The polka dots (to line the aisle) have been punched.......

The ribbon has been tied on the lavendar (smells wonderful). They go on top of each napkin.......

And the house has been cleaned!! Whew- let's go for a swim!


  1. It is understandable that wedding preparations go before blogging. We are patiently waiting for pictures of the wedding. Don't panic. Don't let the bride panic.

  2. wow you look very prepared and it all looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Hope the day goes as well as planned!! xxx

  3. Crikey, and the mother of the bride is ready to collapse in a big heap in a corner I should think!

  4. Its going to be just lovely! And everyone will remember the fun they had in the preparations too. You wait, it'll be talked about fondly for years and years!

  5. It will be a fantastic wedding because there shall be polka dots!