Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Whining No More.......

Hello fellow quilters! Remember me, the whiner....Before I tell you why I have stopped whining let me show and tell what Leah found in a thrift shop on the weekend! See the picture below this.....yes she bought this unfinished quilt top (beautifully done, too) and 5 metres of matching fabric (backing) all for $10!!! The colours are much nicer in 'real life'- navy and chocolate brown. The joy of thrifting is you never no what treasure you will find! Lucky Leah!

Now -why am I no longer whining, you ask? Well-
I love Wednesdays!! It is the day that I meet a group of lovely ladies and we spend the day hand-quilting, talking, eating yummy goodies and of course laughing lots! A great combination! Yesterday I was whining about not being able to attend this years quilt show but I will whine no more. Today a lot of the ladies brought their finished projects in so that they can all be delivered to the Quilt Show together. We had our own little mini-quilt show. Just feast your eyes! We have a lot of talented ladies in our group! All these quilts have been hand-quilted by our group this year! Just feast your eyes!

Now you know why I love Wednesdays......!!!!


  1. Hello. I have come over from Mary's Quilts, and love the quilt show you put on for us. You have some amazingly talented ladies in your group.

    I loved you Cockapoos too.

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...those beauties would stop me from whining too. Lots of talent in your group.

  3. Beautiful quilts and what a happy thrift store surprise! Yes, that's what keeps me thrifting--those happy, wonderful surprises that come along every so often! Thanks for the quilt show!

  4. I love all the quilts, you amde me want to try so many new patterns!

  5. Wow .... what a wonderful day with gorgeous quilts! All the quilts are beautiful, but I am particularly drawn to the triangle/hexagon one. I think I need to make one like it!