Monday, July 13, 2009

May Their Married Life Be a BED OF ROSES!!!

What do we get my daughter and her fiance for a wedding gift (besides the money)? Last time she was home I was working on this rose quilt and she LOVED it. (Asked if I could whip one up for her!) So I thought it was a no brainer-I am putting a label on it and will wrap it for the big day. At least I know she will be happy and as far as the groom, well, I figure as long as he is warm (the backing is flannelette ) and the little woman is beside him, he should be happy!

I am off to Victoria today and of course I will swing by the Cloth Castle on the way home-a fabric store just outside Victoria, BC. . I always take my camera with me, just in case. Here's a few of the quilts hanging out -


  1. Hi, Paulette! We told Rick you seemed to be a "crafty" lady, and your blog shows the results. Beautiful work!

    We had heard of "felting," but didn't know really what it meant, and for us, "roving" was walk in the woods with no specific direction in mind. You've shown us something new, and we thank you!

  2. Hmmm...if you are whipping up 'rose quilts' would you mind putting my name on the next one please? Its just so lovely!