Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July......

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I would share my traveling stitching with you. On the way to Blairmore I stitched this table topper. The black background, most of the house and some of the trees are made from old blazers and coats. I cut out all the pieces, place them, then baste them into place for stitching. I also mark all letters and vines using a Sulky white iron on pen. It is hard to mark on dark felt and this seems to be the best that I have found, although it's not perfect. (Anyone found anything better for marking dark felt???) There is yellow blankets stitching all around to sandwich top and bottom together. This way you can't see any of the stitching on the back.

This is a pattern from 'Primitive Christmas' by Bongean and Charles. There are a lot of beautiful quilts, stockings, runners, table toppers, etc. in this book just waiting to be done.....

This is a pattern that I bought at Road to California(The pattern is still in the 5th wheel with the rest of my sewing 'stuff' so I don't have the name or company's name-I think it is called HO HO HO. Must unpack today......if I can drag myself away from the computer.......this is addictive stuff......
Back to Santa- I had to buy white felt for the Santa but the rest is old coats. He turned out so cute. I think these will be the beginning of my Christmas gifts stash. I have NEVER been this early with my Christmas projects before!! Good thing no one in the family knows that I blog.....Have a wonderful day.....oh and Merry Christmas....heee hee hee or rather ho ho ho!


  1. Delightful projects - love Santa.

  2. Lovely projects. Have you tried a white gel pen for marking on dark fabrics?

  3. I love those, very cute. Welcome to blogland.

  4. I adore the "Blessings"....I have never written on wool, but I have a project coming up that I will need to use if you hear of anything you think would be better....please let me know. :)
    Welcome to Blogland. :)

  5. Welcome to blogland. Just found your blog and have looked through it. You have made a lot of beutiful things. Will be back to see more :)